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Canadian Business is a source of business information, analysis and advice for ambitious, smart, career-minded Canadians who want a richer life. CB pulls together the latest developments in Canadian and global economics, marketing, managing, investing, government policy, innovation and retailing to help its audience develop a deeper understanding of the business world around them. Canadian Business celebrates success: the success of its audience, its business leaders, its industries, and of Canada itself.

The flagship of Canadian Business is its monthly magazine (published 12 times per year with two additional bonus issues), available in print, tablet and mobile phone platforms. CB presents more timely news and commentary on a daily basis via its website, and interacts with readers through a number of social media feeds and annual events. The magazine’s best-known brands include its Investor 500 list, its Rich 100 ranking, its MBA Guide, and its annual economic Outlook issue. 

Canadian Business was founded in Montreal in 1928 as The Commerce of the Nation, the official newsletter of the recently formed Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Chamber members quickly saw the potential in a publication reaching more than 250,000 businessmen across the country, and in August 1930 relaunched the newsletter as a publicly available periodical (a change of name to Canadian Business would soon follow). Over the next half-century, the chamber’s magazine took on a life of its own, becoming more successful than its founders had ever imagined—so much so that the non-profit chamber eventually was forced to divest its interest. Initially incorporated as a separate entity known as CB Media, the magazine was sold in 1977 to a trio of investors—Roy MacLaren, Michael de Pencier and Alexander (Sandy) Ross—who moved Canadian Business to Toronto with the intent of creating a new kind of business magazine reflecting that “business is important, interesting, understandable and—more often than many people realize—fun.” Those words, written by Ross, have held true for the magazine ever since, even as Canadian Business was sold in 1990 to Maclean Hunter, a magazine empire eventually purchased by Rogers Communications. Today, Canadian Business connects with its readers in ways the original Canadian Chamber of Commerce membership could never have dreamed, reinterpreting the magazine’s original goals for each new generation, forever evolving in step with the always interesting, never dull world of Canadian business.

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CANADIAN BUSINESS (ISSN 0008-3100, print; ISSN 2292-8421, online) is published by Rogers Publishing Limited, a division of Rogers Media Inc., 1 Mount Pleasant Rd., Toronto, Ont. M4Y 2Y5. We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage. Canadian Business is a member of Magazines Canada, the Alliance for Audited Media and the Print Measurement Bureau, and is indexed by the Canadian Business & Current Affairs database.

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