Best jobs with salaries under $60K

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Occupation % Growth in # of employees
Median annual salary (2011) % Change in salary (2006-2011)
1 Ironworker 50 59,010 16
2 Construction supervisor 38 58,240 25
3 Public relations specialist 36 57,990 29
4 Refrigeration & air conditioning mechanic 46 56,160 18
5 Translator 86 54,080 16
6 Heavy construction contractor 42 56,659 15
7 Immigration & revenue officer 73 56,160 10
8 Geological technician 36 56,160 17
9 Physician (GP) 37 53,997 20
10 Correctional service officer 41 56,160 13
11 Laboratory technician 49 49,462 25
11 Paramedic 40 54,974 16
13 Construction estimator 63 53,331 11
14 Electrician 28 56,493 23
15 Transit supervisor 26 56,160 37
16 Miner 24 58,240 17
17 Paralegal 35 49,920 15
18 Financial officer 30 55,474 11
19 Plumber 23 52,000 26
20 Computer network technician 18 58,656 16
21 Personnel clerk 49 43,680 9
22 Systems testing technician 19 58,240 11
23 Marriage counsellor 34 48,006 12
24 Oil and gas drilling worker 13 58,240 23
25 Interior designer 27 45,760 22
26 Administrative officer 35 43,680 14
27 Petroleum supervisor 21 57,200 6
28 Recording supervisor 47 41,662 11
29 Editor 27 51,438 12
30 Recruitment officer 31 49,067 10
31 Web designer 21 52,624 12
32 Heavy-duty equipment mechanic 15 53,456 22
33 Dental assistant 36 41,080 16
34 Mechanic supervisor 11 58,698 15
35 Maintenance equipment operator 26 43,680 14
36 Library supervisor 24 43,430 21
37 Roofer 32 41,600 11
38 Civil engineering technician 18 51,501 5
39 Insurance adjuster 16 52,270 9
40 Pet groomer 36 23,920 27
41 Event planner 35 39,520 3
42 Wholesale buyer 33 38,688 13
43 Insurance underwriter 10 51,438 25
44 Labourer 30 33,280 27
45 Cleaning supervisor 28 40,248 14
46 Crane operator 5 58,240 22
47 Babysitter 48 21,320 18
48 Recreation supervisor 15 44,720 19
49 Health services assistant 34 35,256 13
50 Insurance clerk 20 45,760 9

Methodology: We obtained Statistics Canada data on employment and wage levels for more than 600 occupations. From those, we selected jobs with at least 10,000 employed individuals and ones that experienced employment growth between 2006 and 2011. For this list, we eliminated jobs with median salaries over $60,000, and ranked the rest based on three criteria: job growth from 2006 to 2011, median compensation (based on a 40-hour work week) in 2011, and the change in median compensation from 2006 to 2011. The final rank is based on a weighting of 50% to job growth, 40% to median compensation and 10% to change in compensation.


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