Koodo’s El Tabador, the wrestler from the commercials, is getting his own sitcom



You’ve seen him skydiving, getting a massage and even shoveling his snowy driveway, but now El Tabador, the tiny Lucha Libre wrestler from all those Koodo commercials, is getting his own sitcom.

The exclusive global rights to El Tabador have been scooped up by Toronto-based entertainment company Camillion Corp., which is headed by former World Wrestling Entertainment executive Carl Demarco. (Perhaps he sees potential in wrestlers of all sizes?) The rights were purchased from Koodo’s owner, Telus.

In a press release, Camillion says it has big plans for the miniscule character, including a half-hour primetime sitcom.

In the live-action show, El Tabador will be seen living in a mansion (thanks to his career as a world champion wrestler) with an “offbeat entourage” of individuals. He’ll be visited by celebrity guest stars from both Hollywood and the wrestling world, and filmed in a “mockumentary” style similar to The Office and Modern Family.

There’s also the potential for El Tabador to show up in online and mobile content, as well as video games and merchandise.

Both Telus and Camillion are currently remaining mum on the financial details of the deal.

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