Toronto Eaton Centre says it’s cracking down on pick-up artists (via Twitter)

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(Andrew Bardwell/Flickr)

(Andrew Bardwell/Flickr)

Apparently, pick-up artists—men who make a sport out of trying to pick up women—have become such a problem at Toronto’s Eaton Centre, the mall must now sweep them away like a flock of unruly pigeons.

This was sent out on Twitter Friday around 3 p.m.:

The response came after a woman posted on Reddit Thursday night that she had been approached multiple times by 20-something men who “seemed like they were spewing a pitch to me.” Nonetheless, “it’s left me feeling very uncomfortable going there on my own,” she said.

The source of her discomfort was revealed by another user who posted details of an event in which men were meeting up at the Eaton Centre to pick up as many women as possible. In “BEAST MODE” no less, which apparently amounts to a shotgun strategy of awkwardly approaching as many lone ladies as you can.

The Meetup group used to organize the event appears to have been deleted. Likely, unwanted press from Reddit and Toronto Life drove these aspiring love gurus back into hiding. Now that the the Eaton Centre has threatened to unleash security on them, they may just stay there. (Or harass women somewhere else.)

As for the Eaton Centre’s tweet, given it has about 200 retweets (and counting) plus a lot of favourable replies, it’s safe to say this was a savvy PR move. Not that that should discredit the admirable response, however; as Phillip Haid of PUBLIC Inc. explains in this interview with Canadian Business, doing good and doing business needn’t be exclusive.

6 comments on “Toronto Eaton Centre says it’s cracking down on pick-up artists (via Twitter)

  1. Author clearly doesn’t get laid. How does it feel to constantly be in love with the girls that you’ll never have because you’re afraid of them? ;)


  2. Maybe if Toronto girls weren’t so prude we wouldn’t have this problem. Regardless, since when is it a crime to ask someone out? This article is a joke, which jackass approved this to be posted in Canadian Business. This has no significant impact on the economy or business world. Do us a favour and filter your articles instead of posting every piece of tripe that comes through the office.


  3. I’m not a PUA but I have respect for the movement. However, there are some PUAs who are f’n up the game. Many of you have been following Willy Beck and are trying to BE him and its not working. Toronto is a great city with some fly ladies with very good attitudes. One of my favorite places to visit. But TOO MANY of the PUAs are approaching women incorrectly and its getting corny. Women are complaining and its bad for the scene. Warn your PUAs to tighten up.


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