What Toronto’s skyline will look like in 2020

There are currently 147 skyscrapers and high-rises under construction in Canada’s biggest city. These images give us an idea of what’s to come.

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You may have heard that Toronto is putting up more skyscrapers than any other North American city—by a long shot, in fact.

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There are currently 147 skyscrapers and highrises under construction, according to Emporis, a provider of building and construction data. And despite warnings of a Canadian real estate bubble (including our own), there are hundreds more planned.

So what sort of visual impact will all this new development have on the city? Well, there’s a lot of concept art floating around the Internet, but I found these less glamorous photos from a forum post the most interesting.

One of the forum regulars (who goes by the name Insertnamehere—yes, that’s actually his or her username, not an editor’s note I forgot to come back to) used Google Earth to generate a 3-D skyline that included all of the planned and partly-finished skyscrapers going up in Toronto.

Insertnamehere even went so far as to colour-code them:

  • WHITE = the project has had preliminary renders, but no application has been submitted.
  • RED = the project has submitted an application to the city
  • GREEN = the project has been approved, but has yet to start construction
  • YELLOW = the project is currently in sales
  • BLUE = the project is currently under construction

Check them out:


The Entertainment District is getting a Manhattan makeover:




Check out more images here.

UPDATE: The creator of these images, a rather talented 17-year-old named Cale Vanderveen, has since emailed me. He’s provided a couple more mockups based on the latest data:



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