Winners & Losers: Marissa Mayer parties and Apple jacks up its prices


Winner: Yahoo!

Marissa Mayer in a party hat

Yahoo broke out its very dusty party hats on April 15 after revealing first quarter results that squeaked just above analysts’ forecasts. Yahoo’s Q1 numbers caused a 6% spike in its stock price, which had tumbled by about 15% year-to-date. While other tech companies such as Facebook and Netflix caused investors to raise an eyebrow at what some consider inflated valuations in recent months…well, let’s just say that’s not a problem Yahoo has faced in a very long time. Consider your probation period extended for three more months, Marissa Mayer.

Losers: iPhone customers

Samsung Galaxy S5 overshadowing some iPhones

What’s a that’s company losing market share to do, in the face of growing competition from Samsung’s popular, less-expensive phones? Raise its prices, of course. That’s the plan Apple’s floating to carriers for the release of its upcoming iPhone 6. Maybe the cost of emoji went up. Maybe Siri wants a raise. But odds are Apple still thinks it can get away with charging a premium price for what it still sees as a premium product, even as many of its customers begin to think differently.

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