A look at public transit agencies in the US with the largest ridership gains from 2012 to 2013


Americans are boarding public buses, trains and subways in greater numbers than any time since the suburbs began booming, according to new ridership numbers.

Public transit passengers took nearly 10.7 billion trips in 2013 — the highest total since 1956.

What follows is a look at which transit agencies saw the biggest gains.

Urban area; Agency; Increase in unlinked passenger trips 2012 to 2013; per cent increase

New York City; New York City Transit Authority; 120,635,700; 3.6 per cent

Los Angeles; Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority; 9,194,200; 2 per cent

New York City; New Jersey Transit; 4,049,700; 1.5 per cent

Seattle; King County Department of Transportation; 3,204,400; 2.7 per cent

Miami; Miami-Dade Transit Agency; 2,493,800; 2.3 per cent

Seattle; Sound Transit; 2,341,600; 8.4 per cent

Denver; Regional Transportation District; 2,257,500; 2.6 per cent

Houston; Metro Transit Authority; 2,257,000; 2.7 per cent

San Diego; Metropolitan Transit System; 2,230,000; 2.6 per cent


Source: American Public Transportation Association

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