Alaska ad proudly links Democratic Sen. Begich to ‘Obamacare,’ a rare move in 2014 elections


WASHINGTON – Democrats have spent months debating how to answer conservatives’ attacks on President Barack Obama’s health care law.

Friends of an embattled Democratic senator now are fighting back by proudly linking him to “Obamacare.”

An independent group in Alaska is airing a TV ad that praises Democratic Sen. Mark Begich. It says he helped people obtain insurance even if they have “pre-existing conditions” such as cancer.

The 30-second ad doesn’t mention Obama or his health care law by name.

But it features an Alaska woman saying Begich helped her obtain insurance that previously was denied because of her breast cancer. That’s a main feature of the law.

The ad is among the first to unapologetically associate a Senate Democrat with the health care law in a tightly contested election.

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