American Eagle jet from Dallas makes emergency landing at North Texas airport; no injuries


GREENVILLE, Texas – An American Eagle jet flying from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to Illinois has made a safe emergency landing at a small North Texas airport amid reports of smoke in the cabin.

American Airlines spokeswoman Laura Masvidal says nobody was hurt on Flight 3400, which was bound Wednesday night for Moline (moh-LEEN’), Ill, but diverted to Greenville Municipal Airport-Majors Field. The plane landed in Greenville, 60 miles northeast of DFW airport, about an hour after takeoff.

Masvidal had no information Thursday on the source of smoke aboard the Embraer 145, which was carrying 45 passengers and three crewmembers.

The plane remains at the Greenville airport where it will be checked by a maintenance crew. Greenville is not served by American.

Passengers were bused to DFW airport to catch other flights.

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