American Samoa schools reopen after pink eye outbreak hits territory’s students, teachers


PAGO PAGO, American Samoa – Public schools in American Samoa have fully reopened 10 days after a pink eye outbreak affected some 3,000 students and teachers.

Schools in the U.S. territory’s main island of Tutuila reopened Monday for the first time since April 4, when 28 facilities shut their doors.

Education Department Director Salu Hunkin-Finau says the closures helped minimize the outbreak by keeping students and staff home.

She says students and teachers who still have pink eye should stay home. Hunkin-Finau herself was home sick Monday, recovering from “the tail end of pink eye” and bronchitis.

Conjunctivitis, known as pink eye, is a common eye condition and can be extremely contagious.

Tourism officials are also warning visitors heading to the group of islands in the South Pacific about halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii.

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