GM recalling 51,640 Buick, Chevrolet and GMC SUVs for defective fuel gauges


DETROIT – General Motors is recalling 51,640 SUVs because the fuel gauges may show inaccurate readings.

The recall involves the Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse and GMC Acadia from the 2014 model year. All of the affected SUVs were built between March 26 and Aug. 15 of 2013.

GM says the engine control module software may cause the fuel gauge to read inaccurately. If that happens, the vehicle might run out of fuel and stall without warning.

The company doesn’t know of any crashes or injuries related to the problem.

GM says dealers will reprogram the software for free, starting immediately. The company will also notify owners by mail.

The recall was posted Saturday on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Web site.

One comment on “GM recalling 51,640 Buick, Chevrolet and GMC SUVs for defective fuel gauges

  1. G M fuel gauges have been defective for years,As have a lot of intake gaskets.GM is not aware because they ignore everything-Just look up problems on the internet-I(was)GM all the way for years-Bought 2 fords so far-All automakers have issues-gm blames impurities in gas,or wrong antifreeze-Build a car that can take it,You did it years ago-Do it again-They outsource to Countries who dont give a shit about the well being of their own people-They dont care if it lasts,or-if its safe-It leaves GM on the hook? It was their stupidity in the first place-Back your product!! or Get LOST!!!(this might not be actual fact-its just my opinion)Im not a stats man im a mechanic(i guess i sort of have to thank GM also-for keeping me busy all these years!!)