Performance of top 10 soda brands in the US


An annual report released Monday shows that Americans cut back on soda at an accelerated pace last year. The drop in sales volume represents the ninth consecutive year of declines, according to the report from Beverage Digest.

Here are the top 10 soda brands and how their sales volume performed:

—Coke — -0.5 per cent

—Diet Coke — -6.8 per cent

—Pepsi — -3.6 per cent

—Mt. Dew — -2.2 per cent

—Dr Pepper — -0.2 per cent

—Sprite — +0.1 per cent

—Diet Pepsi — -6.9 per cent

—Diet Mountain Dew — -3.1 per cent

—Fanta —-4 per cent

—Coke Zero — -0.1 per cent

Source: Beverage Digest

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