Rush to balance books could delay Canada’s economic recovery: NDP


OTTAWA – The New Democrats say the governing Conservatives’ rush to balance the books could delay the economic recovery from the recession.

NDP finance critic Peggy Nash says cuts and austerity measures risk slowing the economy and maintaining higher unemployment, or even increasing it.

She says her party wants to balance the books as quickly as possible, but not at the risk of putting the brakes on the economy.

Nash says the NDP have some inexpensive ideas for next week’s budget, including reversing the controversial cuts to Veterans Affairs from the previous budget.

They also want the government to cap ATM and credit card fees, saying consumers shouldn’t have to pay two or three dollars to withdraw their own money from bank machines.

The New Democrats are also asking for measures they say will create jobs, such as providing a $1,000 tax credit to small businesses to offset the costs of hiring a new worker, at a cost of about $113 million.

One comment on “Rush to balance books could delay Canada’s economic recovery: NDP

  1. Seems I recall the NDP & the Liberals adamantly lambasting the Conservatives for overspending on stimulus after the NDP and the Liberals had just finished lambasting the Conservatives for not spending enough towards stimulus and now they are lambasting the Conservatives again, for the Conservatives first idea, not spending.
    And you thought politics was confusing? It would appear that the NDP Thomas Mulcair really doesn’t know what he wants his running dogs to say. Is it because he to does not know what the hell is going on in his own party or his own policies like so many others don’t know? Or does this mean that he in general, just doesn’t know economics and monetary policy or does this mean that he like so many others before him in the NDP only knows how to spend my kids and my grand kids money?
    You make your choice on his topic of ignorance.