Safeway eliminates Club Card program, passes on savings automatically


CALGARY – Safeway is getting rid of its Club Card effective Friday.

Spokeswoman Betty Kelsey says customers have told them that they want to reduce the amount of cards in their wallets.

In the past, Safeway customers needed the Club Card to access savings on groceries, but Kelsey says those savings will now be passed on without the card.

For savings on gas purchases, customers will need to use a promo code printed on all grocery receipts.


2 comments on “Safeway eliminates Club Card program, passes on savings automatically

  1. I think this is stupid, just because sobeys buys Safeway there are things that are staying the same ‘the name’, but thats right make things inconvenient for the consumers. If this is a taste of what is to come. NOT happy, most ppl turf their receipts. Dumb decision.

  2. Just filled my gas tank at Safeway with the new Grocery slip method. Who was the idiot that did away with the Safeway card for gas. Talk about inconvenience, that’s it pass on the savings to the company when the attendant has to figure out the rebate and the customer says to heck with it and throws the receipt away in disgust..Smarten up Mr.executive.