Sears Canada gets a new logo. But is it really an improvement?



What the graphic-design gurus say:

Michel Viau
President & CEO, Ove Design
“The new brand spot is indeed a welcoming sign for those who believe this institution can be saved. If there is a time when brand identity can help in signalling real change, the moment is now for Sears.”

Dave Watson
Creative director, Design, Taxi Canada
“It boggles my mind that some brands think tweaks to their logo and campaign tag line are enough to change consumer perceptions. My opinion on the logo and campaign is one of complete apathy.”

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6 comments on “Sears Canada gets a new logo. But is it really an improvement?

  1. A new logo will not change anything as long as the management focuses on anything but customer service and a clear strategy. Sears has one of the most improvable customer service levels of retailers all over the world. Could me remind somebody, what again is the mission of Sears? How much is it applied by all employees each day?

  2. Sears is shooting themselves in the foot. They have now instituded a delivery charge on their goods from the catalogue. I was charged a $4.46 delivery charge on one small item. The joke of it was that they did not deliver it. I had to go to their pick up depot to get it. that marks the end of us using or shopping from their catalogue.

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