A timeline of Target’s first year in Canada

Some highs—and a lot more lows


Tomorrow marks one year since U.S. retail giant Target made its official Canadian debut. With expectations running impossibly high, it’s been a bumpy 365 days, with some notable ups—and quite a few more downs—along the way. From empty shelves to a massive data breach to a billion-dollar operating loss, here’s the complete rundown of Target’s first year in Canada.

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4 comments on “A timeline of Target’s first year in Canada

  1. You kidding me? Everything that is overpriced at Shoppers is overpriced at Target, too. A good gauge is Band Aids; $2.50 at Target in the US (often $2/ package on sale or $2 at Walmart in the US) versus a constant $4+ in Canada. I’m sure we all have our stuff that we measure standards by and cross the border to purchase. Target was supposed to bring more value and it failed to deliver. It’s certainly no mystery.

  2. Plus, who would EVER name your private label “Up and Up?!? Makes me doubt their integrity (“No, really, we’re on the “up and up!””) Or is that how it’s being priced? (Up and up!?)