How to spot a fake Canada Goose coat

Four ways to tell if that Canada Goose coat you just saw (or may already be wearing) is real or a fake.


Dani Reiss, head of outerwear manufacturer Canada Goose, which makes the highly sought-after and eponymously-named parka, says counterfeiters are paying his company a “backhanded compliment” by targeting his brand. But if you’re the unwitting buyer of one of these fakes, you may be less sanguine. While Canada Goose is spending six figures trying to combat this growing problem, here are some much less expensive steps you can take to make sure you’re getting the real thing when you slip on one of these fine coats.

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12 comments on “How to spot a fake Canada Goose coat

    • Thank you for letting me know!! I was actually thinking about ordering from them .

  1. I actually just bought a fake one from Ebay so would encourage you to be very careful there as well. Fortunately, Ebay has a good protection policy, but it still $575 that I have to dispute. I took my coat to our local Canada Goose retailer and they reviewed and quickly told me it was fake. Some other hints to evaluate, 1) Sizing: Check the size against the ones in the store (in this case, the one I was sent was considerably smaller, which fakes usually are) 2) Look for the hologram, this one was missing it 3) as above the patch is a dead giveaway (who can’t do a better job faking the patch?) 4) Feel for the flexible metal band in the fur (real ones have one) 5) Pockets (this one’s pockets on the front were slightly shallower than a real one, which has really deep pockets) 6) The Goose down, real ones don’t have stems you can feel it, which usually means duck or some other random bird feathers. Good luck and agree with the other comments, if its too good to be true, it likely is! Definitely, don’t be afraid to ask their retailers, I know ours well as I have bought other things from them so they had no problems helping me.

  2. I own 2 Snow Mantra Snow Geese or Snow Gooses, a green one for rough work that doesn’t show up dirt easily and a red one for Sunday go to meeting applications. They are truly excellent and almost comparable to traditional caribou parkas which we only wear when hunting in -40 with -60 wind chill. You can also spot a fake with the by the price point. They were selling on our Facebook Home page for 250-350. They have since gone away.

  3. I could never afford one of these jackets, although I did buy my dog a fake one. People in areas west of Ontario, who actually NEED them, don’t buy them because they are way too overpriced.

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