The Easy Sell: The Shoeshine Kit

Get Your Shine On.

Photograph by Natasha V

Photograph by Natasha V

Does your shoeshine kit live in a Converse All-Stars box in your front hall closet? It’s OK to admit it. But you should consider an upgrade—after all, you’re going to need more than a tin of Kiwi and an old pair of boxers to wipe the last of winter’s salt from your wingtips. Brooks Brothers’ kit is a great start, with real horsehair daubers (for applying polish) and brushes (for buffing), black and brown creams and a set of polishing gloves. You’ll want to add a shoe horn, some leather conditioner and that old rag of yours. There’s more than enough room in the cedar box.

Brooks Brothers Shoe Care Kit, $142;


The Hard Sell

The Sponge

That little container of “instant polish” you keep in your drawer? The last time it “polished” anything was the Chrétien era.

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