Which cars are cheaper in Canada?

The answers aren’t always what you think.

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6 comments on “Which cars are cheaper in Canada?

  1. For the most part prices are better in the USA. Why the big differences.????

  2. Actually I was able to get them all….no brainer here… 5-10% less on the bottom feeder models of the civic and corolla… and a minivan and an aged
    matrix sans awd wow we are lucky (I also happen to know that the dodge journey is also close ) and then add 20% to everything else that you
    would actually want…. oh and check out the lease $$s in the USA… actually so good they still use monthly numbers.. unlike the barnum and bailey
    bi-weekly and weekly $$ used here because they are so high

    ya we are getting ripped

  3. The claim that the Honda Civic is cheaper in Canada is not accurate. Why? Because in Canada, the “freight & p.d.i.” charge is much higher, at around $1500.
    In the U S, $500 is more typical.

  4. Ridiculous comparison. When Can prices are lower, they are marginally lower (low of 1% on the Flex and high of 10% on the Matrix), but when US prices are lower, they are significantly lower (9% on the Lexus to almost 17% on the Camaro). What is important is: what is the price difference that would make a Canadian go to the US and buy a car. Those thresholds are the important ones because they take business away from Canadian retailers.

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