Canada’s Best Brands 2014: The Top 25 Canadian Brands

The complete list of Canada’s favourites


5 comments on “Canada’s Best Brands 2014: The Top 25 Canadian Brands

  1. Why don’t you just list them? Why do we have to open 25 separate pages to see the brands. Canadian Business ( of which I am a subscriber ) has one of the worst websites around – stuffed full of distractions that are simply frustrating and impede getting to sought information.


  2. jean Coutu Group? Who? It’s really hard to believe that a brand that is basically completely unknown outside of Quebec can be the No. 2 Canadian Brand. That’s ridiculous.

    Rona? They’re closing stores left right and centre? Why are they in the Top 10?

    What is the methodology of this survey?


  3. First off, this is the worst “list” I’ve ever seen! Why waste my time in waiting for each crap page to load? JUST PROVIDE THE LIST!!!! Secondly, you’ve lost all credibility with the selections you’ve made. this will be the last time i visit this site!


  4. your opinion. not mine. or perhaps many others. it’s a promo-news item. caveat emptor.


  5. 25 clicks? One brand per page. You ass%&*s


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