Canada’s Best Brands 2016: The Top 25

The most influential brands in the country, ranked by the only metric that matters—the respect of average Canadians

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4 comments on “Canada’s Best Brands 2016: The Top 25

  1. I am Disappointed and Disgusted at the choice if pictures you used for #12- 2016 best brand article. Home Hardware and its Dealers have invested
    $100 of millions in new 40-80,000 sq.ft stores across Canada ,and you post a old picture of a 2000.sq ft store in disrepair. You not only misrepresenting
    Home Hardware with over a 1000 INDEPENDENT/FAMILY OWNED businesses but also showed a lack of professionalism ,that is the only picture out of all the other Brands that jumps out at you as a poor choice. Several people at your magazine are not doing their job to allow this to be printed.

  2. Where is Manulife Financial? Come on Canada, that is one of the few truly Global companies we have left. Not sure how Sunlife could have made it and not Manulife.

  3. How is an “average” Canadian determined before being allowed to respond to this survey?

  4. I’m glad you gave me a list of businesses to boycott!

    Since you slaughter 400,000 baby seals a year, you disgusting assholes deserve to be put in the dust bin of history.