Best Jobs 2014: The Most In-Demand Jobs in Calgary


(Chuck Szmurlo)

This list is compiled using job-posting data provided by Workopolis for the year 2013. It ranks employment fields by proportional demand level. Note that some of the fields (e.g. Insurance) are quite specific while others (e.g. Professional Services) are quite broad. Please see our complete methodology as well as the job field definitions.

Most in-demand job for this city:

Job: Electrical Engineer

Typical Salary: $76,793

Other Top Jobs In Demand: Pipeline Engineer, Mechanical Engineer

Rank Field Total Job Postings % of all job postings 1-Year Change (%)
1 Professional Services 4,213 27% -17%
2 Energy & Utilities 3,185 20% -31%
3 Agriculture/Manufacturing 2,067 13% 0%
4 Financial Services 2,017 13% -7%
5 Telecommunications, Media & Technology 1,181 7% -15%
6 Health Care 910 6% 34%
7 Government (Public Sector) 728 5% 7%
8 Insurance 675 4% -4%
9 Education 638 4% 14%
10 Hospitality & Hotels 273 2% 69%

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One comment on “Best Jobs 2014: The Most In-Demand Jobs in Calgary

  1. You should do your research. It is nearly impossible to get an education jobs in Calgary these days. Unless you want to sub or work at a day care for 15$/hr


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