Canada’s Best Jobs 2014: The best ultra-niche jobs

Nice work—if you can get it


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Air Traffic Controllers

Think being an air traffic controller would be a pretty sweet gig? Maybe, but you’ll be competing for one of the most rarefied jobs in the country. (Ronald A. Dallatorre)

Our list of Canada’s Best Jobs excludes a bunch of pretty great professions, and for good reason: they’re simply too small to offer a lot of opportunity to break in and move up. For that reason, to appear on the main list, a field has to have at least 5,000 people working in it across Canada. That ends up leaving out some pretty cool jobs, so we’re putting them in their own list here. Flip through the slideshow to see just how many people hold these coveted spots.

Rank Job Title Median
1 Air Traffic Controller $85,342 51.6% 0.0%
2 Senior Police Officer (Sgt. & up) $120,640 29.3% -6.5%
3 Library & Museum Manager $83,200 14.7% 16.1%
4 Geological Engineer $80,517 18.9% 86.7%
5 Fire Chief $90,667 11.9% -7.7%
6 Veterinarian $78,229 11.8% 44.1%
7 Judge $85,342 14.1% 25.0%
8 Materials Engineering Scientist $90,085 19.2% 24.0%
9 Mining Engineer $87,006 11.5% 30.0%
10 Physicist & Astronomer $91,437 21.9% 37.5%

* Demand Outlook” is the estimated demand for employees in that category by 2020:
= more than 1 job per job seeker
= about 1 job per job seeker
= less than 1 job per job seeker

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