Canada’s Richest Neighbourhoods 2014: How We Rank

Where the Richest people in Canada live


Each year, Canadian Business teams up with Environics Analytics to bring you our ranking of Canada’s Richest Neighbourhoods. Using data supplied by Environics, we present you with a complete rundown of the most affluent communities coast-to-coast.

Select any of the sections below to learn more about the places that Canada’s wealthiest families live.

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The Top 10 Highest-Income Neighbourhoods in Canada

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The Top 10 Most Expensive Neighbourhoods to Buy a House

Want above-average neighbours? Get ready for above-average prices

Notes on the ranking’s methodology

The ranking is based on the average household net worth of the people who live in each area—the total net worth of all the households in each neighbourhood, divided by the total number of households. Net worth figures are compiled using publicly available census data as well as Environics Analytics market intelligence. Because the data is averaged it does not reflect the finances of any particular household or individual

The neighbourhoods themselves are defined by Statistics Canada. The technical term for a geographic territory of this size is a dissemination area: this is the smallest geographic unit for which StatsCan data is available, and typically includes about 400 to 700 people. Dissemination areas don’t necessarily reflect the facts on the ground when it comes to how neighbourhoods are understood by the people who live there; these artificial boundaries can’t encompass the spirit and character that animates a great neighbourhood—but they can highlight the areas where wealth is most concentrated.

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