Canada’s Richest Neighbourhoods 2014: The Top 10 Most Expensive House Prices

Want above-average neighbours? Get ready for above-average prices

(Sotheby's International Realty)

(Sotheby’s International Realty)

The housing market shows no signs of slowing, so the property values in Canada’s Richest Neighbourhoods look likely to keep climbing for the foreseeable future. Here’s what an average home will cost you in the most exclusive locales in the country. Click or tap the neighbourhood name for more details.

Rank Overall Rank Neighbourhood Average Home Price Average Household Annual Net Worth
1 2 York Mills-Windfields, Toronto $3.40 million $21.6 million
2 6 Forest Hill South-UCC, Toronto $3.18 million $10.6 million
3 4 Shaughnessy Heights, Vancouver $3.09 million $12.0 million
4 13 West Bay & Sandy Cove, Vancouver $2.90 million $8.19 million
5 8 Lawrence Park North, Toronto $2.80 million $10.4 million
6 7 Kerrisdale, Vancouver $2.79 million $10.6 million
7 10 Sunnyside & Edgehill, Montreal $2.49 million $9.37 million
8 14 Shaughnessy Centre, Vancouver $2.47 million $7.82 million
9 5 Summit Park, Montreal $2.40 million $11.0 million
10 12 King George Park, Montreal $2.39 million $9.12 million

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