2013 Rankings – P500

The stars of the 2013 PROFIT 500—the 25th annual ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies—show how many different paths there are to hypergrowth


Meet the 2013 PROFIT 500

Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

RankCompanyRevenue growth (%)Industry / PROFIT 500 rank$Revenue 2012Employees 2012
1Avigilon Corp.49,908Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD100,262,000256
2Mood Media Corp.41,364Marketing & mediaUSD443,823,0002,625
3EcoSynthetix Inc.9,676Business products (manufacturing & distribution) USD19,552,34539
4Terrapro Group Inc.7,730Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD20-50 million27
5PiiComm Inc.4,164IT products & services CAD5-10 million18
6Clevest Solutions Inc.4,125Software developmentCAD10-20 million115
7DevFacto Technologies Inc.3,936IT products & services CAD5-10 million82
8Mint Technology Corp.3,700*Financial services CAD35,734,337111
9Tangentia Inc.3,453IT products & services CAD5-10 million75
10HC Piper Manufacturing Inc.3,400Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD20-50 million114
11Groupe Boutique Néron3,138Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD9,853,34170
12Life Science Nutritionals Inc.3,133Pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals (manufacturing & distribution)CAD10-20 million55
13Quick Mobile Inc.3,015Software developmentCAD5-10 million148
14Viziya Corp.2,969Software developmentCAD5-10 million24
15NexJ Systems Inc.2,717Software developmentCAD26,189,000382
16Rénald Côté 2007 Inc.2,605Construction CAD100-250 million269
17MSW Canadian Plastics Inc.2,602Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD5-10 million13
18Farmers Edge Precision Consulting Inc.2,573Business servicesCAD43,282,648100
19Apex Composites Inc.2,473Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD10-20 million74
20Arrow Group of Companies Inc.2,414HR servicesCAD10-20 million174
21Paradigm Public Relations Inc.2,384Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million23
22Mercer's Best Built Structures Inc.2,353Construction CAD2-5 million14
23Kelso Technologies Inc.2,342Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD4,884,34527
24TekStaff IT Solutions Inc.2,118HR servicesCAD20-50 million308
25S-Trip! (Handa Travel Student Trip Ltd.)2,006Consumer servicesCAD20-50 million262
26Berkeley Payment Solutions Inc.1,923Financial services CAD2-5 million26
27Steeped Fine Loose Teas & Accessories Inc.1,877Food (processing & distribution)CAD2-5 million33
28Electronic Box Inc. 1,859CommunicationsCAD3,917,84728
29AshleyMadison.com (Avid Life Media Inc.)1,695Consumer servicesCAD63,603,000114
30Great Circle Works (Zipfy Inc.)1,683Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD2-5 million5
31Hockeyshot (Skillmaster Shooting Range Inc.)1,635RetailCAD2-5 million11
32Kanvi Homes Inc.1,592Construction CAD10-20 million13
33Quick Contractors.com Inc.1,571Construction CAD3,342,014322
34InterAtlas Chemical Inc.1,527Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD15,583,5699
35Lorna Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions Inc.1,521Pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals (manufacturing & distribution)CAD5-10 million21
36Thermal Energy International Inc.1,502Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD13,152,68743
37RevenueWire Inc.1,479Financial services CAD10-20 million56
38Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust (PIRET)1,466Business servicesCAD52,340,00017
39Orckestra Conseil Inc.1,462IT products & services CAD5-10 million99
40BBG Management Corp.1,457HR servicesCAD2-5 million25
41Keen Technology Consulting Inc.1,403IT products & services CAD13,432,68220
42People Store Staffing Solutions Inc. (Bestia Holdings Ltd.)1,398HR servicesCAD9,594,72930
43Spa Boutique Ltd.1,397RetailCAD2-5 million16
44Global Village Consulting Inc.1,383IT products & services CAD10-20 million36
45Starvox Entertainment Inc.1,370Consumer servicesCAD5-10 million3
46Wurldtech Security Technologies1,362Business servicesUSD4,362,68342
47Redwood Global Inc.1,361HR servicesCAD24,190,89625
48Terra Beata Farms Ltd.1,337Food (processing & distribution)CAD4,679,16630
49Zone Marketing Group Ltd.1,335Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million9
50Bug in a Rug Canada Inc.1,334Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD2,868,8338
51HostPapa Inc.1,333IT products & services CAD7,051,62454
52Crystal Creek Homes Inc.1,330Construction CAD20-50 million55
53Synergy Trucking Ltd.1,318Transportation & logistics CAD10-20 million60
54Yellow House Events Inc.1,317Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million9
55Prompt Alert Inc.1,299IT products & services CAD2-5 million28
56Stream Integration1,279IT products & services CAD20-50 million163
57Voices.com (Interactive Voices Inc.)1,239Business servicesCAD2-5 million23
58Yoush Consulting (Yoush Inc.)1,206IT products & services CAD2-5 million40
59Splice Software Inc.1,186Software developmentCAD2-5 million19
60dPoint Technologies Inc.1,132Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD2-5 million33
61Momentum Technologies Inc.1,125*IT products & services CAD12,958,540114
62Achievers Corp.1,106Software developmentUSD20-50 million 170
63ECS Coffee Inc.1,102RetailCAD10-20 million42
64Katilac Coatings Inc.1,095Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD2-5 million9
65APG-Neuros (APGN Inc.)1,082Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD20-50 million71
66Western Freight Solutions Ltd.1,072Transportation & logistics CAD2-5 million2
67Quarterback Transportation Inc.1,066Transportation & logistics CAD31,478,80045
68Inbox Marketer Corp.1,062*Marketing & mediaCAD5,615,30552
69Premiere Mortgage Centre (Verico Premiere Mortgage Centre Inc.)1,018Financial services CAD7,046,24565
70Barricades and Signs Ltd.959Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD2-5 million22
71Opsens Inc.941Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD8,461,93055
72Innovative Residential Investments Inc.937Construction CAD20-50 million87
73Blackline GPS Corp.933Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD2,635,07436
74Metalab Design Ltd.930Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million13
752 Percent Realty Inc. 923Consumer servicesCAD2-5 million77
76CoolIT Systems Inc.911IT products & services CAD10-20 million31
77Mosaic Capital Corp.909Business servicesCAD75,815,000271
78Avantage Plus Inc.904Construction CAD2,402,61735
79JewelPop Inc.903Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD14,937,38730
80HomeStars Directory Inc.902Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million22
81Layer 7 Technologies Inc.899IT products & services USD20-50 million 169
82True North Mortgage Inc.897Financial services CAD6,866,73823
83WesternOne Inc.867Construction CAD217,793,0001,102
84True North Automation Inc.852Business servicesCAD10-20 million83
85Rifco National Auto Finance Corp.840Financial services CAD16,668,14046
86DECO Windshield Repair Inc.829Consumer servicesCAD2-5 million158
87FouFou Dog (FFD Designs [Canada] Inc.)825Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD2-5 million13
88Mi5 Print & Digital Communications Inc. 821Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD18,444,355108
89Global Relay Communications Inc.809IT products & services CAD20-50 million200
90The Mattress and Sleep Company Inc.791RetailCAD2-5 million6
91Vega (Sequel Naturals Ltd.)790Food (processing & distribution)CAD47,763,263389
92CBF Telecom Ltée 768CommunicationsCAD2-5 million10
93Search Engine People Inc.765Marketing & mediaCAD11,362,24392
94Scalar Decisions Inc.763IT products & services CAD50-100 million109
95Epic Roofing & Exteriors Ltd.760Construction CAD20-50 million155
96Partner Seafood Inc.747Food (processing & distribution)CAD20-50 million12
97Eventive Marketing Inc.739Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million14
98CIK Telecom Inc.731CommunicationsCAD5-10 million42
99Entrec Corp.712Transportation & logistics CAD132,491,000600
100Prodigy Retail Construction Inc.700Construction CAD10-20 million29
101Borealis (Boreal Information Strategies Inc.)699Business servicesCAD16,089,737156
102Kuus Inc.695Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD2-5 million16
103League Financial Partners Inc.687Financial services CAD100-250 million145
104CoreTech Staffing & Professional Services679IT products & services CAD10-20 million95
105Book4Time Inc.667Software developmentCAD2-5 million34
106Ron Lee Construction Inc.661Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD10-20 million56
107iFinance Canada Inc.650Financial services CAD20-50 million50
108The Herjavec Group Inc.643IT products & services CAD100-250 million141
109Northern Dock Systems Inc.630Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD10-20 million35
110Metalcare Group Inc.622Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD25,584,105120
111StoneShare Inc.610IT products & services CAD3,730,62945
112People Corp.606HR servicesCAD27,157,385152
113BOATsmart! (OUTDOORsmart! Inc.)602Education & certificationCAD2-5 million37
114The Refinery Leadership Partners Inc.599Education & certificationCAD7,985,11154
115Stingray Digital Group589Marketing & mediaCAD49,006,000200
116Sentry Metrics Inc.585IT products & services CAD6,602,89753
117Frima Studio Inc.584Software developmentCAD20-50 million341
118Optimus SBR Inc.571Business servicesCAD5-10 million57
119Libéo Inc.567Software developmentCAD3,744,63254
120CTMS Travel (Corporate Travel Management Solutions Inc.)566Business servicesCAD5-10 million144
121Lions Bay Media Inc.561Marketing & mediaCAD10-20 million17
122Paul Rushforth Real Estate Inc.560Consumer servicesCAD6,114,87428
123Équation Humaine 556Marketing & mediaCAD2,813,10435
124Suntrition Inc.549Pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals (manufacturing & distribution)CAD5-10 million48
125Canada Goose Inc.538Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD110,131,474414
126Northridge Energy Development Group Inc.528Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD10-20 million80
127WipWare Inc.524Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD2-5 million15
128CIBT Education Group Inc.523Education & certificationCAD57,968,687469
129Haab Homes Construction Ltd.523Construction CAD4,467,11932
130Airworks Compressors Corp.519Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD2-5 million13
131Global Lumber Resources Inc.519Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD10-20 million19
132iBwave Solutions Inc.515Software developmentCAD10-20 million84
133Tri-Media Integrated Marketing Technologies Inc.509Marketing & mediaCAD12,103,68761
134BQM Burger (BQM Diner Inc.)502RetailCAD2-5 million30
135Adviso Consulting Inc.501Marketing & mediaCAD3,413,78039
136Spyders Inc.498IT products & services CAD7,671,67718
137Haivision Systems Inc.496IT products & services CAD20-50 million181
138Avalanche Air Systems Ltd.491Construction CAD2-5 million17
139Real Food for Real Kids Inc.490Business servicesCAD5-10 million70
140Dynamysk Automation Ltd.484Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD20-50 million148
141The KTL Group Inc.473IT products & services CAD4,352,99025
142Tundra Technical Solutions (Tundra Temporary Services Inc.)466HR servicesCAD20-50 million485
143ClearMotive Marketing Group (ClearMotive Strategic Design Inc.)462Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million23
144Gee Bee Construction Co. Ltd.453Construction CAD20-50 million100
1453es Innovation Inc.452IT products & services CAD5-10 million42
146Audability Inc.450IT products & services CAD7,110,12039
147Eclipse Scientific Products Inc.445Business servicesCAD5-10 million40
148CloudOps Inc.441IT products & services CAD4,544,35123
149Energold Drilling Corp.441Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD141,514,0001,500
150Terapeak Inc.440Business servicesCAD7,118,23939
151RobotShop Distribution Inc.440RetailCAD5-10 million19
152Superna Inc.436Software developmentCAD2-5 million48
153Timbercreek Asset Management Inc.430Financial services CAD20-50 million471
154Crossdock Systems Inc.416Transportation & logistics CAD10,368,81437
155Maplelea (Avonlea Traditions Inc.)415Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD2-5 million3
156M&L General Contracting Ltd.413Construction CAD10-20 million95
157QA Consultants (Plaza Consulting Inc.)412IT products & services CAD10-20 million204
158Symbility Solutions Inc.412Software developmentCAD16,537,00089
159PrecisionERP Inc.412Business servicesCAD16,923,113100
160H2O Innovation Inc.409Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD35,909,907119
161Parsons Trucking Ltd.409Transportation & logistics CAD10-20 million75
162Innobec Technologies Inc.405Software developmentCAD5-10 million54
163Retail Media Group Inc.404Marketing & mediaCAD5-10 million53
164QHR Technologies Inc.400Software developmentCAD29,456,315240
165Morgan Construction and Environmental Ltd.397Construction CAD100-250 million452
166Zenergy Communications North America Inc.388Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million10
167Cole Engineering Group Ltd.383Construction CAD34,680,092269
168Thrillworks Inc.382Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million49
169Bandzoogle (Sitezoogle Inc.)381Marketing & mediaCAD3,325,96917
170iWeb.com (iWeb Group Inc.)376IT products & services USD20-50 million 223
171Le Site Inc.374Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million22
172Vital Insights Inc.373Software developmentCAD10-20 million66
173Blush Lane Organic Market Ltd.372RetailCAD5-10 million45
174Tech 4 Kids Inc.371Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD20-50 million52
175Edible Canada366Consumer servicesCAD2-5 million53
176Thinkwrap Solutions Inc.365IT products & services CAD10,560,61258
177Enjo Canada Inc.362Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD2-5 million159
178Vision Critical Communications Inc.359Software developmentCAD50-100 million587
179Blacktop Paving Inc. (Blacktop Enterprises)358Construction CAD9,281,03173
180PointClickCare (Wescom Solutions Inc.)357Software developmentCAD59,123,411520
181Trillium Financial Services Brokers356Financial services CAD5-10 million13
182Partners In Credit Inc.356Financial services CAD5,696,01294
183BioSyent Inc.355Pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals (manufacturing & distribution)CAD5,024,15418
184Doxim Inc.351IT products & services CAD11,219,122100
185Pacific Quorum Properties Inc.350Consumer servicesCAD2-5 million41
186Tantus Solutions Group Inc.348Business servicesCAD8,502,89172
187White House Design Co. Inc. 347Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD10-20 million111
188EJM Construction Management Inc.344Construction CAD5-10 million26
189Silver Creek Software Ltd.344Software developmentCAD2-5 million32
190Pythian (The Pythian Group Corp.)343IT products & services CAD25,516,069210
191Profex Construction Inc.342Construction CAD10,745,57871
192Architech Solutions Consulting Services Inc.340Software developmentCAD10-20 million73
193Globeways Canada Inc.339Food (processing & distribution)CAD50-100 million14
194GuestLogix Inc. 338IT products & services USD23,789,265142
195The Renovators of Canada (Curiston Corp.)334Construction CAD2-5 million13
196Illumiti Group of Companies331IT products & services CAD67,353,337238
197Points International Ltd.328Marketing & mediaUSD139,509,000119
198FlightNetwork.com325Consumer servicesCAD30,715,699353
199Intelex Technologies Inc.325Software developmentCAD20-50 million190
200NVI325Marketing & mediaCAD4,933,93361
201LucasWorks! Inc.323HR servicesCAD10-20 million450
202Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria (Famoso Inc.) 323RetailCAD2-5 million456
203Medical Futures Inc.322Pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals (manufacturing & distribution)CAD5-10 million37
204Keyora Inc.321Software developmentCAD2-5 million39
205Dependable Mechanical Systems Inc.318Construction CAD10-20 million83
206S3 Technologies Inc.314IT products & services CAD5-10 million53
207Source Security & Investigations Inc.313Business servicesCAD5-10 million900
208FCV Interactive (FCV Technologies Ltd.)313Marketing & mediaCAD5-10 million71
209Credit Bureau of Canada Collections (Collectcents Inc.)312Financial services CAD20-50 million478
210Fairware Promotional Products Ltd.311Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million9
211Infront Consulting Group Ltd.311IT products & services CAD2-5 million35
212Raven Bay Services304IT products & services CAD2-5 million25
213Canruss Medical & Safety (Canruss Paramedic Oil Services Ltd.)304Business servicesCAD2-5 million20
214Yardstick Software Inc.303Education & certificationCAD7,183,91533
215PCO Innovation300IT products & services CAD60,633,209540
216STI Technologies Ltd.297IT products & services CAD10-20 million43
217Ergoresearch Ltd.297Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD8,231,13481
218NorAg Resources Inc.293Food (processing & distribution)CAD100-250 million11
219LOGiQ3 Corp.291Business servicesCAD2-5 million42
220ComplyWorks Ltd.283HR servicesCAD5-10 million41
221Klick Health (Klick Inc.)283Marketing & mediaCAD50-100 million260
222Training Folks International Holdings Inc.281Education & certificationCAD5-10 million151
223Epiphan Systems Inc.280IT products & services CAD5-10 million37
224Pioneering Technology Corp.277Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD2,390,40413
225Complete Innovations Inc.275IT products & services CAD10-20 million91
226Summerhill Group Inc.275Business servicesCAD10-20 million91
227Benson Kearley IFG (Benson Kearley and Associates Insurance Brokers Ltd.)275Financial services CAD5-10 million70
228Tank Traders (Vomar Industries Inc.)274Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD10-20 million133
229Mothers Choice Products Ltd.272Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD2-5 million11
230Varcon Construction Corp.269Construction CAD50-100 million128
231Crelogix Acceptance (Crelogix Credit Group Inc.)267Financial services CAD5-10 million57
232My Broadcasting Corp.267Marketing & mediaCAD5-10 million75
233Best Displays & Graphics Inc.267Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million23
234Fenomax (Gestion Poudrier Inc.)263Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD5-10 million57
235iQmetrix Software Development Corp.263Software developmentCAD73,224,626211
236Crawford Technologies Inc.260IT products & services CAD5-10 million48
237Prophix Software Inc.259Software developmentCAD20-50 million179
238Zedi Inc.258Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD104,278,000558
239Magna Electric Corp.252Construction CAD50-100 million475
240Paradigm Quest Inc.251Business servicesCAD20-50 million202
241Ignite Technical Resources Ltd.248IT products & services CAD5-10 million15
242Colligo Networks Inc.247Software developmentCAD2-5 million42
243Mabel's Labels Inc.242Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD5-10 million60
244Aden Earthworks Inc.239Construction CAD2-5 million63
245Iridia Medical Inc.237Education & certificationCAD5-10 million56
246Vista Projects Ltd.234Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD59,511,055347
247Paladin Labs Inc.234Pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals (manufacturing & distribution)CAD210,200,000120
248Scribendi Inc.231Business servicesCAD2-5 million100
249Response Biomedical Corp.230Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD11,750,19773
250Dominion Lending Centres Inc. 229Financial services CAD20-50 million35
251Real Estate Webmasters Inc.229Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million45
2523C Information Solutions Inc.228IT products & services CAD5-10 million35
253Innovative Vision Marketing Inc.227Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million188
254Cesium Telecom Inc.227Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD20-50 million42
255Vigorate Digital (Vigorate Inc.)226Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million26
256The Job Shoppe Inc.225HR servicesCAD5-10 million500
257Titanium Logistics Inc.225Transportation & logistics CAD32,663,405120
258ICC Property Management Ltd.225Consumer servicesCAD2-5 million57
259Office Coffee Solutions Ltd.224Food (processing & distribution)CAD2-5 million23
260Zenan Custom Cresting Inc.222Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD19,130,78663
261Hemp Oil Canada Inc.221Food (processing & distribution)CAD10-20 million22
262ResponseTek Networks Corp.220Business servicesCAD10-20 million110
263E.B. Box Co. 220Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD2-5 million15
264YourBarFactory (Rapid Snack Inc.)218Food (processing & distribution)CAD5-10 million65
265ARTE Group217Construction CAD10-20 million103
266LabX Media Group Canada Inc.216Marketing & mediaCAD5,893,69653
267TIO Networks Corp.214IT products & services CAD42,247,60178
268The Garage Door Depot (The Canadian Garage Door Depot Inc.)214Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD4,369,07326
269Franworks Group of Companies (Franworks Franchise Corp.) 213RetailCAD102,146,7302,518
270Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc.213RetailCAD54,042,364159
271Free For All Marketing Inc.213Marketing & mediaCAD5-10 million150
272High Speed Crow Inc.212CommunicationsCAD2-5 million26
273FXinnovation (Groupe FXinnovation Inc.)212IT products & services CAD23,298,350217
274Optelian Access Networks Corp.211IT products & services CAD20-50 million183
275Ivedha Inc.210IT products & services CAD10-20 million150
276Det'on Cho Corp.210Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD82,777,233311
277Pace Technical Services Inc.210IT products & services CAD2-5 million20
278Beneco Packaging (Sheen Legend Packing Corp.)209Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD5-10 million25
279SBB (Acier Profilé SBB Inc.)207Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD19,303,61285
280Sirius XM Satellite Radio (Sirius XM Canada Holdings Inc.)207Marketing & mediaCAD259,619,500160
281Xylotek Solutions Inc.206IT products & services CAD3,715,29127
282Westmount Moving & Warehousing206Transportation & logistics CAD12,238,624146
283Accès Location d'Équipement Inc.205Construction CAD6,889,31734
284SysGen Solutions Group Ltd.205IT products & services CAD5-10 million33
285Kids & Company Ltd.204Business servicesCAD20-50 million767
286PNI Digital Media Inc.202Software developmentCAD22,712,805172
287Belvedere Place Development Ltd.199Construction CAD20-50 million67
288Rocky Mountain Analytical Inc.196Business servicesCAD6,448,08826
289GuruLink Inc.194HR servicesCAD5-10 million26
290Capstone Infrastructure Corp.191Construction CAD357,610,00084
291NKPR Inc.190Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million30
292Prollenium Medical Technologies Inc.190Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD5-10 million31
293Sport Systems Canada Inc.190Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD2-5 million17
294Resolve Collaboration Services Corp.188IT products & services CAD2-5 million15
295Zerofail (Pre2Post Inc.)187IT products & services CAD2-5 million17
296NCI (Net Cyclops Inc.)186IT products & services CAD18,408,07156
297Prospero Learning Solutions Inc.186Education & certificationCAD7,038,16459
298Morneau Shepell Inc.185HR servicesCAD419,346,0003,000
299Youngs Insurance Brokers Inc.183Financial services CAD10-20 million109
300Hutton Forest Products Inc.181Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD20-50 million13
301DHX Media Ltd.180Marketing & mediaCAD72,647,000595
302Sunwing Travel Group Inc.179Consumer servicesCAD>1 billion1,776
303The Placement Office179HR servicesCAD2-5 million400
304Cambridge Mercantile Group177Financial services CAD50-100 million320
305ProMetic Life Sciences Inc.176Business servicesCAD23,321,000116
306Marina Textiles Inc.176Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD2-5 million6
307West-Can Auto Parts Industrial & Safety Supplies (Jassun Holdings Ltd.)176RetailCAD5-10 million38
308Benecaid Health Benefits Solutions Inc.175HR servicesCAD9,511,24141
309Avon Security Products Inc.175Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD2-5 million7
310C.R. Plastic Products Inc.174Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD5-10 million101
311Cognition LLP174Business servicesCAD5-10 million23
312Phoenix Systems173IT products & services CAD5-10 million65
313Hitek Logistic Inc.171Transportation & logistics CAD5-10 million25
314Bri-Chem Corp.169Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD160,068,860139
315Adflow Networks Inc.168Marketing & mediaCAD5-10 million42
316Houston Landscapes168Construction CAD6,429,23745
317Marlon Recreational Products Ltd.167Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD5-10 million20
318Fusion Learning Inc.167Education & certificationCAD7,057,00532
319Trican Well Service Ltd.165Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD2,213,400,0005,693
320UCIT Online Security Inc.164Business servicesCAD5-10 million82
321Wolfgang Commercial Painters (D.N. Services Ltd.)163Construction CAD2-5 million41
322Predictive Success Corp.163Software developmentCAD2-5 million17
323Ecentricarts Inc.163Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million35
324KMI Publishing and Events Ltd.162Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million19
325Left Coast Naturals (Ike Enterprises Inc.)160Food (processing & distribution)CAD14,265,16433
326Ashcon International Inc.160Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD2-5 million4
327Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. 160Pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals (manufacturing & distribution)CAD26,640,81745
328Revision Military Inc.160Business products (manufacturing & distribution) USD50-100 million 304
329Third Octet Inc.159IT products & services CAD2-5 million8
330Norsat International Inc.158CommunicationsUSD42,428,760162
331Jakait Group158Transportation & logistics CAD10-20 million75
332Whitestone Ltd.155Construction CAD10-20 million20
333Creaform Inc.153Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD44,517,822332
334Ontario Property Management Group Inc.151Consumer servicesCAD3,375,64363
335Bison Fire Protection Inc.150Business servicesCAD5-10 million40
336Flagship Courier Solutions (FCS) Inc.150Transportation & logistics CAD2-5 million16
337Daymak Inc.150Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD5-10 million24
338Bonafide Carpentry Services Ltd.149Construction CAD2-5 million16
339KR Communications Ltd.147Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD3,314,33516
340HirePower Inc.147HR servicesCAD2-5 million45
341Enghouse Systems Ltd.147Software developmentCAD136,368,000828
342LGM Financial Services Inc.146Financial services CAD10-20 million118
343Boon Trading Canada Ltd.146RetailCAD5-10 million20
344ASTOUND Group Inc.145Marketing & mediaCAD10-20 million71
345Cervus Equipment Corp.141Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD734,245,000950
346Home Trust Co. (Home Capital Group Inc.) 141Financial services CAD887,685,000611
347Icom Productions Inc.141Education & certificationCAD5-10 million111
348PCMusic (PCM Technologies Inc.)139Marketing & mediaCAD5-10 million54
349Vive Wireless139CommunicationsCAD2-5 million13
350Elizabeth Grant International Inc.138Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD20-50 million141
351CWC Well Services Corp.137Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD112,332,000511
352Angstrom Engineering Inc.137Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD10-20 million23
353Favuzzi International Inc.137Food (processing & distribution)CAD2-5 million18
354EFT Canada Inc.135Financial services CAD2,386,56210
355WPCG (West Pacific Consulting Group Managed Services Inc.)135HR servicesCAD20-50 million262
356Provincial Store Fixtures Ltd.134Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD20-50 million125
357Bowen Workforce Solutions Inc.134HR servicesCAD50-100 million47
358NewGen Technologies Corp.133IT products & services CAD2,225,02623
359Mits Airconditioning Inc.133Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD10-20 million35
360Bilton Welding and Manufacturing Ltd.131Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD20-50 million181
361Cindy's Home & Garden (Cindy's Greenhouses Ltd.)131RetailCAD2-5 million30
362Jori International Ltd.130Transportation & logistics CAD5-10 million27
363Vigil Health Solutions Inc.130IT products & services CAD3,370,73330
364Molok North America Ltd.127Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD2-5 million10
365Solutions2Go Inc.127Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD500 million-1 billion160
366Windley Ely Professional Corp.124Business servicesCAD4,287,90754
367StarTech.com Ltd.122IT products & services USD50-100 million 204
368Rack Petroleum Ltd.121RetailCAD100-250 million56
369Apption Corp.121Software developmentCAD2-5 million27
370The Equitable Trust Co. (Equitable Group Inc.) 121Financial services CAD483,136,000277
371Tenzing Managed IT Services (Reliant Web Hosting Inc.)120IT products & services CAD10-20 million91
372The Boyd Group Income Fund 120Consumer servicesCAD434,424,1953,285
373IMPACT Silver Corp.120Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD15,934,060260
374Paramount Parts Inc.120RetailCAD10-20 million61
375Safety First-SFC Ltd.119Education & certificationCAD5-10 million180
376Blowertech Ltd.119Business servicesCAD2,807,49528
377RDH Mining Equipment Ltd.117Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD20-50 million76
378Language Marketplace Inc.116Business servicesCAD2-5 million11
379M&L Supply Fire and Safety115Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD5-10 million24
380Descartes Systems Group Inc.115Software developmentUSD126,883,000694
381Epscan Industries Ltd.115Construction CAD24,217,383128
382Broadview Networks Inc.115IT products & services CAD5-10 million21
383Leeza Distribution Inc.114Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD19,887,36848
384Everland Natural Foods Inc.114Food (processing & distribution)CAD2-5 million17
385VistaVu Solutions Inc.114Software developmentCAD2-5 million27
386IQ Partners Inc.113HR servicesCAD2-5 million29
387Loft Communications + Events Inc.113Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million9
388AltaPro Electric Ltd.113Construction CAD10-20 million96
389TNG Networks Inc.113IT products & services CAD2-5 million33
390Hart Legal (Berge Hart Cassells LLP)112Business servicesCAD2-5 million19
391Iron Horse Security (Iron Horse Corp.)111Business servicesCAD5-10 million798
392Oreck Canada (The Axe Houghton Group Inc.)111Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD24,134,55657
393Alternative Landscaping Ltd.111Construction CAD2-5 million40
394Laughing Stock Vineyards Ltd.109Food (processing & distribution)CAD2-5 million11
395BMF (Burlington Merchandising & Fixtures Inc.)108Marketing & mediaCAD5,225,56124
396The Wish Group Inc.107Business servicesCAD23,239,72570
397PrintFleet Inc.107IT products & services CAD5-10 million34
398Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd.107Business servicesUSD1,896,741,0007,500
399Rescue 7 Inc.106Education & certificationCAD2-5 million9
400Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc.106Business servicesCAD4,432,48428
401Accelerated Connections Inc.105IT products & services CAD10-20 million26
402Gestion Vision Globale Inc.104Software developmentCAD5,314,24555
403Ronco Disposal Products Inc.104Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD20-50 million52
404Cornerstone Courier Inc.104Transportation & logistics CAD2-5 million68
405GCP Industrial Products (GCP Elastomeric Inc.)103Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD10-20 million16
406Amdor Inc.102Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD5-10 million30
407Ken Brownlee & Sons Equipment Corp.102RetailCAD5-10 million16
408S.I. Systems Ltd.102HR servicesCAD100-250 million1,935
409Athlete's Care Sports Medicine Centres Inc.102Consumer servicesCAD5-10 million90
410N2 Ingredients Inc.101Food (processing & distribution)CAD22,533,97618
411Papp Plastics & Distributing Ltd.101Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD20-50 million91
412Fox Safety (Fox Energy Systems Inc.)101Education & certificationCAD2-5 million17
413Groupe Xit Inc.100CommunicationsCAD13,639,085100
414Fleurco Products Inc.99Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD10-20 million74
415ParetoLogic Inc.99Software developmentCAD20-50 million82
416DDS Wireless International Inc.98Software developmentCAD40,670,000215
417MetalCraft Marine Inc.97Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD15,842,302138
418PQA Testing (Professional Quality Assurance Ltd.)97IT products & services CAD7,493,84797
419Dine.to Hospitality Marketing Consultants Inc.95Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million24
420Microart Services Inc.95IT products & services CAD10-20 million210
421Wholesale Furniture Brokers (WFB Wholesale Furniture Brokers Group Inc.)95RetailCAD5-10 million27
422Ideaca Ltd.94IT products & services CAD51,832,549370
423XWest Carriers Inc.94Transportation & logistics CAD5,620,84233
424North Toronto Auction (Northern Auto Auctions of Canada Inc.)94Consumer servicesCAD5-10 million60
425TNR Industrial Doors Inc.94Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD10-20 million48
42636Pix Inc.94Business servicesCAD2-5 million40
427Creative At Home Enterprises Inc.93Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD5-10 million18
428Binary Stream Software Inc.93Software developmentCAD2-5 million37
429ProEx Inc.92HR servicesCAD2-5 million30
430Bird Construction Inc.92Construction CAD1,454,869,0001,450
431D.J. Rain & Co. Ltd.92Construction CAD4,019,69322
432Coastal Contacts Ltd.92RetailCAD196,085,000680
433Western Camp Services Ltd.91Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD43,748,516481
434Four Point Solutions Ltd.91IT products & services CAD25,008,32248
435Marcon Metalfab Inc.91Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD10-20 million49
436Absolunet Inc.91Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million59
437Medichair/AML (Apollo Medical Ltd.)90Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD5-10 million31
438BBD (Benefits By Design Inc.)88HR servicesCAD5-10 million77
439ABL Employment Inc.88HR servicesCAD10-20 million30
440Think Communications Inc.86IT products & services CAD5-10 million13
441Fluidconcepts & Design Inc.84Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD5-10 million20
442Aardvark Drilling Inc.84Construction CAD3,916,06923
443C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. 82CommunicationsCAD13,385,32437
444Just Energy Group Inc.82Consumer servicesCAD2,785,269,0001,509
445Polycorp Ltd.81Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD66,808,604154
446Koch Stainless Products Ltd.80Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD10-20 million80
447Digital Payment Technologies Inc.79Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD20-50 million103
448KDS Construction Ltd.78Construction CAD14,344,56141
449D.J. Knoll Transport Ltd.76Transportation & logistics CAD20-50 million85
450Objectif Lune Inc.76Software developmentCAD28,050,565208
451CSL Services Ltd.75HR servicesCAD2-5 million19
452Aventix Animal Health Corp.75Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution)CAD10-20 million22
453Stemmler Meats75Food (processing & distribution)CAD2-5 million26
454Gold Key Insurance Services Ltd.73Financial services CAD2-5 million120
455Sourcevolution Inc.72IT products & services CAD10-20 million153
456Steam Engineering (Steam-Eng Inc.)72Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD2-5 million6
457Microcad Computer Corp.71IT products & services CAD2-5 million14
458ACCEO Solutions Inc.71IT products & services CAD100,809,556825
459Hyduke Energy Services Inc.70Natural resources (extraction & services)CAD108,241,671350
460Annex Consulting Group Inc.68IT products & services CAD10-20 million160
461BSM Wireless Inc. (BSM Technologies Inc.)67Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD13,811,61686
462Cain Express (Wm. H. Cain Agency Ltd.)66Transportation & logistics CAD10-20 million70
463HGC Engineering (Howe Gastmeier Chapnik Ltd.)65Business servicesCAD5-10 million26
464DG Global Inc.64Food (processing & distribution)CAD50-100 million6
465ExitCertified Corp.64Education & certificationCAD20-50 million69
466Matrix Labour Leasing Ltd.64HR servicesCAD8,667,586120
467ZCL Composites Inc.63Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD170,359,000835
468MAD Elevator Fixtures Inc.62Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD5-10 million40
469ViXS Systems Inc.62IT products & services USD20-50 million 359
470Procom Québec Inc.61HR servicesCAD27,990,108236
471Liftsafe Group of Companies61Business servicesCAD10-20 million73
472Everspring Farms Ltd.60Food (processing & distribution)CAD2,628,21621
473Wi-LAN Inc.58IT products & services USD87,960,00052
474Summer Fresh Salads Inc.56Food (processing & distribution)CAD50-100 million210
475Bradley Mechanical Services/Pipe Shield Inc. (B. G. Arnold Services Ltd.)56Construction CAD2-5 million50
476Britec Computer Systems Ltd.56IT products & services CAD5-10 million45
477Antalex Inc.55Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD5-10 million81
478IOSecure Internet Operations Inc.55IT products & services CAD2-5 million9
479Pinchin Environmental Ltd.53Business servicesCAD36,514,594281
480Le Rouge Vin Inc.53Business servicesCAD2-5 million53
481Weiss-Johnson Sheet Metal Ltd.52Construction CAD10-20 million125
482Creative Niche Inc.52HR servicesCAD5-10 million18
483Danatec Educational Services Ltd.50Education & certificationCAD2-5 million13
484Polar Mobility Research Ltd.50Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD10-20 million42
485Mica Services Financiers Inc.50Financial services CAD20,200,22852
486VanGear (Vancouver Gear Works Ltd.)49Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD10-20 million76
487Olympia Financial Group Inc.48Financial services CAD37,134,848233
488Rupert Wood'N Steel Construction Ltd.47Construction CAD5-10 million28
489Navantis Inc.47IT products & services CAD20-50 million328
490RED the Agency Inc.47Marketing & mediaCAD2-5 million25
491Evertz Technologies Ltd.46IT products & services CAD293,400,0001,200
492The Sundance Ski & Board Shop46RetailCAD2-5 million15
493Les Services de Placement Télé-Ressources Ltée44HR servicesCAD10-20 million307
494Syntax Systems Ltd.44IT products & services CAD20-50 million159
495Point Alliance Inc.41IT products & services CAD2-5 million26
496Mirus International Inc.39Business products (manufacturing & distribution) CAD9,561,80145
497GMS Insurance Inc.39HR servicesCAD2-5 million13
498Easyhome Ltd.39Consumer servicesCAD199,673,0001,297
499Noise Solutions Inc.38Business servicesCAD10-20 million82
500Italian Centre Shop Ltd.37RetailCAD20-50 million165

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