2013 Regional Rankings Vancouver

The 60 Vancouver companies on the 2013 ranking had an average 5-year revenue growth of 1,371% and an average employee count of 157


Vancouver’s Fastest-Growing Companies

RankCompanyRevenue Growth %Industry / PROFIT 500 rank$Revenue 2012Employees 2012
1Avigilon Corp.49,908Business products (manufacturing & distribution) / P500 rank: 1CAD100,262,000256
2Clevest Solutions Inc.4,125Software development / P500 rank: 6CAD10-20 million115
3Quick Mobile Inc.3,015Software development / P500 rank: 13CAD5-10 million148
4Kelso Technologies Inc.2,342Business products (manufacturing & distribution) / P500 rank: 23CAD4,884,34527
5Lorna Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions Inc.1,521Pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals (manufacturing & distribution) / P500 rank: 35CAD5-10 million21
6Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust (PIRET)1,466Business services / P500 rank: 38CAD52,340,00017
7Spa Boutique Ltd.1,397Retail / P500 rank: 43CAD2-5 million16
8Global Village Consulting Inc.1,383IT products & services / P500 rank: 44CAD10-20 million36
9Wurldtech Security Technologies1,362Business services / P500 rank: 46USD4,362,68342
10Synergy Trucking Ltd.1,318Transportation & logistics / P500 rank: 53CAD10-20 million60
11dPoint Technologies Inc.1,132Business products (manufacturing & distribution) / P500 rank: 60CAD2-5 million33
12Layer 7 Technologies Inc.899IT products & services / P500 rank: 81USD20-50 million 169
13WesternOne Inc.867Construction / P500 rank: 83CAD217,793,0001,102
14Global Relay Communications Inc.809IT products & services / P500 rank: 89CAD20-50 million200
15Vega (Sequel Naturals Ltd.)790Food (processing & distribution) / P500 rank: 91CAD47,763,263389
16The Refinery Leadership Partners Inc.599Education & certification / P500 rank: 114CAD7,985,11154
17Lions Bay Media Inc.561Marketing & media / P500 rank: 121CAD10-20 million17
18CIBT Education Group Inc.523Education & certification / P500 rank: 128CAD57,968,687469
19Energold Drilling Corp.441Natural resources (extraction & services) / P500 rank: 149CAD141,514,0001,500
20Edible Canada366Consumer services / P500 rank: 175CAD2-5 million53
21Vision Critical Communications Inc.359Software development / P500 rank: 178CAD50-100 million587
22Pacific Quorum Properties Inc.350Consumer services / P500 rank: 185CAD2-5 million41
23White House Design Co. Inc. 347Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution) / P500 rank: 187CAD10-20 million111
24EJM Construction Management Inc.344Construction / P500 rank: 188CAD5-10 million26
25Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria (Famoso Inc.) 323Retail / P500 rank: 202CAD2-5 million456
26FCV Interactive (FCV Technologies Ltd.)313Marketing & media / P500 rank: 208CAD5-10 million71
27Fairware Promotional Products Ltd.311Marketing & media / P500 rank: 210CAD2-5 million9
28Mothers Choice Products Ltd.272Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution) / P500 rank: 229CAD2-5 million11
29Crelogix Acceptance (Crelogix Credit Group Inc.)267Financial services / P500 rank: 231CAD5-10 million57
30iQmetrix Software Development Corp.263Software development / P500 rank: 235CAD73,224,626211
31Ignite Technical Resources Ltd.248IT products & services / P500 rank: 241CAD5-10 million15
32Colligo Networks Inc.247Software development / P500 rank: 242CAD2-5 million42
33Iridia Medical Inc.237Education & certification / P500 rank: 245CAD5-10 million56
34Response Biomedical Corp.230Business products (manufacturing & distribution) / P500 rank: 249CAD11,750,19773
35Dominion Lending Centres Inc. 229Financial services / P500 rank: 250CAD20-50 million35
36ResponseTek Networks Corp.220Business services / P500 rank: 262CAD10-20 million110
37TIO Networks Corp.214IT products & services / P500 rank: 267CAD42,247,60178
38The Garage Door Depot (The Canadian Garage Door Depot Inc.)214Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution) / P500 rank: 268CAD4,369,07326
39PNI Digital Media Inc.202Software development / P500 rank: 286CAD22,712,805172
40Houston Landscapes168Construction / P500 rank: 316CAD6,429,23745
41Wolfgang Commercial Painters (D.N. Services Ltd.)163Construction / P500 rank: 321CAD2-5 million41
42Left Coast Naturals (Ike Enterprises Inc.)160Food (processing & distribution) / P500 rank: 325CAD14,265,16433
43Norsat International Inc.158Communications / P500 rank: 330USD42,428,760162
44LGM Financial Services Inc.146Financial services / P500 rank: 342CAD10-20 million118
45WPCG (West Pacific Consulting Group Managed Services Inc.)135HR services / P500 rank: 355CAD20-50 million262
46NewGen Technologies Corp.133IT products & services / P500 rank: 358CAD2,225,02623
47IMPACT Silver Corp.120Natural resources (extraction & services) / P500 rank: 373CAD15,934,060260
48Everland Natural Foods Inc.114Food (processing & distribution) / P500 rank: 384CAD2-5 million17
49DDS Wireless International Inc.98Software development / P500 rank: 416CAD40,670,000215
50Creative At Home Enterprises Inc.93Consumer products (manufacturing & distribution) / P500 rank: 427CAD5-10 million18
51Binary Stream Software Inc.93Software development / P500 rank: 428CAD2-5 million37
52Coastal Contacts Ltd.92Retail / P500 rank: 432CAD196,085,000680
53Marcon Metalfab Inc.91Business products (manufacturing & distribution) / P500 rank: 435CAD10-20 million49
54BBD (Benefits By Design Inc.)88HR services / P500 rank: 438CAD5-10 million77
55Digital Payment Technologies Inc.79Business products (manufacturing & distribution) / P500 rank: 447CAD20-50 million103
56KDS Construction Ltd.78Construction / P500 rank: 448CAD14,344,56141
57Gold Key Insurance Services Ltd.73Financial services / P500 rank: 454CAD2-5 million120
58Annex Consulting Group Inc.68IT products & services / P500 rank: 460CAD10-20 million160
59IOSecure Internet Operations Inc.55IT products & services / P500 rank: 478CAD2-5 million9
60VanGear (Vancouver Gear Works Ltd.)49Business products (manufacturing & distribution) / P500 rank: 486CAD10-20 million76

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