How Direct Mail Can Grow Your Business

Done right, direct mail can be more effective than digital and can go a long way to support your online efforts.


How Direct Mail Can Grow Your Business

Don’t be afraid to mix it up. If you spend most of your marketing budget online, it might be time to look at direct mail. A compelling direct mail campaign will generate awareness and drive action. A recent direct mail survey showed that 43% ordered a product online, 64% visited a website, and 54% engaged in social media.

According to a Canada Post study, direct mail is more effective than digital marketing for four main reasons:


1. It’s easier to understand and more memorable. 

It takes 21% less thought to process messages received through direct mail and creates better brand recall. When asked if they remembered the name of the brand of the ad they had just seen, participant recall was an incredible 70% higher for direct mail compared to digital media.


2. It’s more persuasive.

Direct mail compels greater motivation to engage. According to the study, a high “motivation score” shows a greater likelihood that the material will demand attention and drive behaviour. How did direct mail do?

Its motivation score was 20% higher than digital media.


3. Its message is received quickly.

According to the survey, digital media is more taxing on our brains, which means we require more resources to process what we’re seeing. Direct mail, on the other hand, gets the message across quicker.


4. It drives action.

Direct mail is more effective at driving behaviour because it engages us on a physical level, something digital can’t do. All types of direct mail outperformed digital media when it came to driving behaviour because they engaged one or more senses.


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