How to Use Promotional Products to Grow Your Business

Customized promotional products still occupy an important place in the business marketing tool kit


How to Use Promotional Products to Grow Your Business

In this digital age, there are many new options you can use to promote your business; however, traditional forms of marketing are still effective and should play a prominent role in your business plan. Combining digital and traditional can help take your business to the next level. Customized promotional products are ideal for engaging with existing and potential customers, targeting niche consumers, and building awareness. Try using customized products to help your business stand out:


1. Create lasting appeal

Customized print products reach out in a way that an email can’t match. Use traditional marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, or rack cards (for stands in hotels, train stations, etc.) to spread the word about special events, sales or promotions. Design and print holiday gift certificates that your customers can give as gifts. There are so many options and best of all, a printed piece has staying power—it can’t be deleted or vanish off-screen.


2. Deepen relationships by sharing your expertise 

As a business owner, you’re an expert, so find interesting ways to share your expertise. For instance, a real estate agent can create custom calendars providing homeowner tips for each month. Or a bakery can create a recipe book with baking tips or handy conversion charts.


3. Make your mark with customized stamps 

Looking for an affordable way for your business to make an impression? Use customized stamps to personalize letters or envelopes; it’s a cost-effective way to create branded stationery. If you’re an artisan, use a stamp to create product tags with a personal touch.

Or try a customized stationery embosser. An embosser allows you to add clean, detailed impressions of your logo, tagline, or any other image to paper.


4. Keep your business “top of mind”

Gifting prospective and existing customers with personalized merchandise is a great way to remain in their thoughts. Branded tote bags, device cases or playing cards are unique and useful gifts that will help your business leave an impression that lasts. Sponsor a local golf tournament with customized golf towels that feature your logo. Give branded baseball caps to preferred customers or provide employees with company-branded jackets or shirts to wear at work or special events.

You’ll be surprised at the selection of affordable, customized products you’ll find at Staples—everything from clothing and sporting goods to jewelry and food baskets.


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