Canadian Business magazine: April 2014

A look at the stories featured in the April 2014 issue of Canadian Business



Editor’s Letter: A new Canadian Business for a faster world

23 world-saving ideas: 23 ways big business is saving the world

Crazy, geniusDespite using parts from Coscto, B.C.’s General Fusion is getting close to building the world’s first commercial fusion reactor. For years no one took them seriously—now it looks like their idea is just crazy enough to work

A city built by BombardierHow one Canadian company’s experiment has become ground zero for Mexico’s economic revolution


Change Agent: Victor Cui on exporting the hottest trend in sports entertainment to Asia

Leading Indicator: Google’s next move

Numbers Game: Guess where the venture capitalist are investing now?

Your Next Big Thing: The suits loosen up

Crowdsourced: Got caught in a lie

Office Space: Microsoft Canada

How to…: Give staff freedom without creating chaos

The Ode: Got Milk? (1994-2014)

Market Intelligence: How to reach a country fan

Unwrapped: Boeing Black

Futures: Rocking on the moon

Global Forecast: Ukraine’s shaky economic future

Business Nomad: China’s ‘forage revolution’

The Whiteboard: A skyscraper made of wood


When good companies go bad: What to do when a star performer in your portfolio takes a tumble

How to play the volatility: Don’t live in fear of a market correction. Make it work for you

To hedge or not to hedge?: The loonie’s value has fallen. It may be time to cut your currency risk

Off the charts


Peter Shawn Taylor: This plan’s not worth a dam

James Cowan: Time to ban unpaid internships

Richard Branson: Why diversity equals dollars


Ireland’s top shelf: Irish whiskey is all the rage these days, but where to start?

Can my falcon have peanuts too?: That gap between business and cattle class has never been wider

Carry a big stick: We’ve lost our last “pocket” umbrella. New rule: If it looks like rain, carry an umbrella sturdy enough to repel April’s toughest showers and handsome enough to never get left behind

All work and no play: Makes us dull boys and girls. But could it also be damaging our brains?

Ask McArdle: Strong beer, cheap parking, and is that a free sushi roll?

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