Canadian Business magazine: February 2014

A look at the stories featured in the February 2014 issue of Canadian Business



Editor’s Letter: It’s finally the year we’ve all been waiting for

Outlook 2014: What to expect in the year ahead

Cycling in Motor City: How a former DJ from Calgary moved to Detroit, built a bike factory and found opportunity among the ruins

Michael MacMillan’s big blue idea: Everyone in the media is trying to figure out how to thrive in today’s multi-platform world. The co-founder of Alliance Atlantis has a solution—and it just might work

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Not so fast, partner:Why Harper will wait to approve the Northern Gateway project

The Volcker rule’s Canadian casualties: New U.S. banking law could limit our companies’ access to American capital

Getting ready for $70 oil: Alberta fund manager to invest $100 million in energy tech

A Canadian Viagra for women: ‘Twelve out of 45 women got orgasms. So we’ve seen something’

The ‘wood first’ backlash grows: Why are governments favouring the use of wood over steel?

Hot Topic: Canadians are split about the financial year ahead

Global Report

The Jollibee Burger comes to Canada: After struggling in the U.S., the huge Filipino fast-food chain is expanding again

Boom times for Brazilian rail: Bombardier delivers the world’s largest monorail to São Paulo


Where to put your money in 2014: Missed out on the big gains of 2013? These sectors will continue to surge in the coming year

Four ways to get more from your RRSP: Borrowing, lump-sum investing, unhedging and selling bonds can help grow your nest egg faster

The fixed income dilemma: How to survive when rates rise


Peter Shawn Taylor: The statistics of stupidity

James Cowan: A simple fix for CEO salaries

Richard Branson: How to become your own boss

Winners & Losers

Did Ryan Seacrest send pictures to Beyoncé over Snapchat? Let’s hope not. They already have enough to worry about…

The Informer

Alpaca. It’s what’s for dinner: Sarah Treleaven delights in the pleasure of what some call Peruvian Kobe

The Lunchbox Challenge: John Jackson and Connie de Sousa of Charcut Roast House soup up their chicken noodle

Shhhh… This bar’s a ‘secret’: Don’t be scared off by the unmarked doors, red lights and secret passwords. These bar owners have got $15 cocktails to sling and want you to bring your friends

Always be callous: Hollywood has yet to give us a Wall Streeter worth loving. So why do we love the characters we’re clearly meant to loathe?

Sub-zero style advice: If Milan had Montreal’s climate, men might have better options. Benjamin Leszcsz on your frostiest conundrums

Ask McArdle: Bitcoin hedges, winter blahs and the joys of buffet-nomics

Trailing Indicator

Is every market rigged?

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