Canadian Business magazine: May 2014

A look at the stories featured in the May 2014 issue of Canadian Business




Editor’s Letter: Why BlackBerry’s future just got brighter

Notes on a McComeback

Canada’s Top Brands 2014

The slaves of Eritrea

Canada’s Best Jobs 2014

The rise of the smart city


Change Agent: Kathy Cheng

Trading nations

The most expensive transport projects in the world

Made to order, for everyone

Escape from conference-call hell

Office Space: The Rennie Group

Manage your elders

The Ode: Television Without Pity (1998-2014)

Unwrapped: NGRAIN 3-D Stealth Fighter Inspection System

Killing cancer in a flash

The global leaders in snooping

Old planes, brand new market

Is giving back worthwhile?


Mergers and acquisitions finally heap up

Yellow media’s unlikely comeback

A new threat to investing in Canada’s oilsands


Bruce Philp: Digital’s dismal failure

James Cowan: Drink more beer, create jobs

Richard Branson: How to make millions in tech


Let’s make mends

Singapore’s fancy food revolution

Cadillac’s rebirth of cool

100% pure energy

A fairy tale for traders

Ask McArdle: Autocorrect issues, awkward silences and Clamato juice

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