Best Managed Companies 2021

BioScript Solutions

This company aims to fill the gap in patient care and treatment

“What makes BioScript different is our focus on the patient,” says managing director Heather Tulk. BioScript is a provider of fullservice specialty-care solutions for the distribution and provision of complex drug therapies — and, according to Tulk, the team takes that responsibility very seriously. “We have the privilege and the obligation of interacting with people at some very difficult times in their lives,” she says.

Founded by pharmacists David Ford and Andrew Steeves in 2001, BioScript started with a single patient who was receiving treatment at a local hospital through a trial that was about to end. The patient still needed infusions, but there was nowhere else in the community to receive them. So Ford set up an infusion clinic at his Coverdale Road pharmacy in Riverview, N.B. Steeves joined him and the two opened more clinics throughout Atlantic Canada.

Now, the privately operated company has a team of over 800 staff managing more than 100 Coverdale Clinics and 13 BioScript Pharmacies nationwide, with services including the administering of specialty medications, specialty testing and dedicated case management. This past fall, the company expanded into third-party logistics, providing global manufacturers with a single partner for importing and distributing pharmaceuticals in Canada.

“As various new treatments and drug modalities have evolved in Canada, there’s often been a need for someone to fill the gap of providing services that go along with them,” says Tulk, who joined BioScript in September 2020. “We’re driven by simplifying access to specialty care.”

One key part of that simplification process has been BioScript’s NavieGo patient-support program, in which a team of coordinators connects with patients as soon as they’ve been enrolled by their prescribers. “It’s in the DNA of the company,” says Tulk. “I’m proud to share the story that our founders really didn’t set out with the intention of building a big company but of helping patients. Twenty years later, that’s still why every one of our team members gets out of bed every morning.”