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A solution to the sock conundrum

I have the darnest troubles with socks. I buy new packs about every second or third month because by then, Im down to half of the previously bought batch, nearly all of which aremismatched singletons or rent with holes.
Its like the washer and/or the dryer eats them whole or leaves behind teeth marks. Or maybe its like the episode in the TV show, Married with Children, where the wives of the world are engaged — with winks of the eye and knowing nods of the head — in a secret conspiracy to confound their husbands.
But even when I first get them brand new from the store and have a full deck, they are still a nuisance. Come laundry day and the wash and dryer are done, its such a chore matching up all those socks into pairs.
Well, I just found the solution to my troubles thanks to a book I am reading, Early Retirement Extreme: A philosophical and practical guide to financial independence. Its funny that the tip should come from this source because it is not a personal-finance book in the traditional mode of 101 ways to live a frugal lifestyle.
The author, Jacob Fisker, has graduated from the rigors of a PhD in theoretical physics and the first page of his self-published book states: I have written this book as a textbook. There is even some calculus and logarithmic equations near the end.
But the first page of his book has a real zinger of a tip on how to solve the hassles associated with socks (presentedin a footnote). Mr Fisker writes:
I do have a strategy for buying socks I buy them all in the same color and form. That way, I dont have to match them up pair by pair while doing laundry and if one sock fails, I dont have to throw out the other one.
So, there you have it — worth the price of the book in itself Oh, by the way, I should soon have a review of Mr. Fiskersbook. Stay tuned.