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A wedding that doesn’t cost a cent

What if you want to get married but dont have the money for a wedding ceremony? How about starting a website and letting it be known to relatives, friends and anyone interested that the happy couple is willing to borrow, trade, and accept donations in order to have a cost-free ceremony?
Thats what Jordan and Brian, a twenty-something couple in Ottawa, are doing. Brian manages a tea store and Jordan is a freelance artist who also works at different jobs in the social services field. You can learn more about the couple in the About Us Section of their website, located at
Relatives, friends and others were informed of the website through emails. The site describes how they have launched an experiment to make their wedding ceremony as free of charge as possible. Also provided is contact info, an idea of what they need (although they are flexible on much of it) and a blog where you can follow what they are thinking and doing as they prepare for the big day.
Anyone who contributes to the occasion gets a shout-out on the website. Already, just a week or two into the project, the response has been encouraging. As recorded on the website, contributions so far include a tuxedo, traditional wedding dress, photography services, wreaths, wishing well, craft supplies, and financial gifts.