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Being Xtranormal: An Animated Q&A with Graham Sharp

A Q&A with Montreal-based online video start-up CEO Graham Sharp.

Last year, as Apple was getting ready to launch the iPhone 4, a little video called “iPhone4 vs HTC Evo” starring two Hello Kitty-ish characters hit the web. In calm robotic monotones reminiscent of a Speak & Spell, the two foul-mouthed munchkins perfectly encapsulated the frustration with, and blind devotion of, Apple enthusiasts. It also got more than 13-million views.

And so marked Montreal-based start-up Xtranormal’s unofficial arrival into the online big-time with its text-to-speech animated video platform. What originally began as a platform for professionals to storyboard film projects has since gone on to be used by amateurs to create many more videos gone viral, along with short films and even a Geico insurance commercial. But have all the hits been good for business and what’s their second act?

I spoke to Xtranormal CEO Graham Sharp to find out.

Canadian Business Q&A with Xtranormal CEO Graham Sharp
by: jeffcbeer