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BlackBerry wants you to try out BB10 on your iPhone

New site brings the demo to you.

During its most recent earnings call, BlackBerry said about 55% of its subscribers came “from other platforms,” and now the brand is pushing harder to win over even more converts. But instead of convincing iPhone and Android users to walk all the way into a store and check out the new Z10, why not bring the device to them? With a new mobile site, that’s exactly what BlackBerry is aiming to do.

With Glimpse, iOS and Android screens are transformed into a BlackBerry, with the site mimicking the user experience on the Z10, including a look at the swipes between widgets and apps, BlackBerry Hub and more.


After trying it out on both a Samsung Galaxy SIII and an iPhone, it’s clear this marketing gimmick is a lot smoother in iOS but even then it’s nowhere near as smooth as the Z10 itself. This is either a great thing—because then you’ll be amazed at how awesome it actually works once you try the real thing—or terrible because… well, it’s about as responsive as the old iPhone 3 that took 10 minutes to load Twitter after you dropped it in the toilet that one time (OK, twice).

Using coloured sliding arrows, the site guides you through the various highlights of the system, but after a few swipes here and there, the initial novelty wears off pretty quickly. That said, it does give anyone who hasn’t held the Z10 in their hand a sense of what to expect and may just pique their interest enough to check one out in person. That’s what BlackBerry’s betting on and high fives to the brand for the effort.