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Call of Duty gets its own movie, sort of

Watching this movie trailer, one can't help but notice its similarities with Call of Duty video games.

A month ago, I wrote a story about whether the Call of Duty video game franchise has had any sort of a larger cultural impact. The consensus among the game and pop culture experts I spoke to was no, the series—despite its mammoth success—hasn’t had much of an effect on entertainment or art outside of the video game industry. If anything, Call of Duty is more of a reflection of what else is going on in other media than a trendsetter itself.

As astute as the observers in my story were, they may have spoken too soon. The other day, I caught a trailer for an upcoming movie—Act of Valor—that certainly looks directly inspired by Call of Duty. Judging by the preview, it very much looks like the games come to life. And come on—that title? It’s practically a synonym. Check out the trailer, it’s bound to get you saying, “Dude! Bro! That was some awesome sniping!”

So can this film be taken as another medium being inspired by a video game? Perhaps, but then again, there’s no guaranteeing it’s going to be any good. Given its scheduled February release—a month where movies go to die—it’s probably a safer bet that it’ll be a stinker.