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Chart: Who pays the tax piper?

A breakdown of how much Canadians are paying in tax by income range.

In 2008, almost 25 million Canadians filed a tax return and paid almost $162 billion in tax or close to $6,500 per filer. A breakdown of who paid the taxman yields some interesting numbers. Almost half (46%) of all filers made less than $25,000 per year representing 13% of total income but they only paid 2.2% of the total tax. At the top end, the 0.75% of individuals who made more than $250,000 per year had 11% of total income and paid 21% of the total tax. The greatest share of income and tax payable came from the $50,000-$100,000 group. These people represented 20% of filers, made 34% of total income and paid 36% of the taxes.