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Christmas gift ideas

You may be looking for Christmas gifts now or soon. If someone on your list is into buying their own stocks, bond or exchange-traded funds, perhapsan investingbook might fit the bill. Here are a few recommendations from my reading list over the past year:
1. MoneySense Guide to Retiring Wealthy, edited by Duncan Hood, Dan Bortolotti and David Aston, is a book I am in the middle of reading and enjoying very much. Its a compendium of MoneySensearticles organized by life-cycle stages. Why hire an adviser at $500-plusannual commissions when MoneySensecan do it forthe cost of this guide, a mere $9.99.
2. Rob Carricks Guide to Whats Good, Bad and Downright Awful in Canadian Investments Today, by Globe and Mail, by columnist Rob Carrick is a fluid and extremely easy-to-read guide to investing, which pulls no punches and has a practical focus on investment products and the particulars of using discount brokers, advisers, gathering information, etc.
3. Pensionize Your Nest Egg, by finance professor Moshe Milevsky and certified financial planner Alexandra Macqueen, is a well-written and useful book about using annuities to address longevity and sequence-of-returns risks in retirement.
4. Early Retirement Extreme A philosophical and practical guide to financial independence, by early retiree Jacob Fisker, is about trading in the North American lifestyle of debt and consumption for a low-cost lifestyle that re-directs work income toward rapidly accumulating capital andachieving financial independence.
5. Every Familys Business, by fourth-generation businessman William Deans, brings a contrarianand eminently sensibleperspective to succession planning for family businesses.
6. 10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Retirementis a book on retirement planning by Rein Selles, Jim Yih and Patricia French, three Albertan financial planners wholaudably appear more interested inproviding adviceattuned to the best interests of readers and clientsthan selling mutual funds.
7. The RESP Book, by Mike Holman, is a guide to registered education savings plans (RESPs) and a useful reference book to have in one’s library.