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Facebook's 3-month user growth by country

Facebook now has one billion active users. Here are the countries where Facebook has seen its best growth of late.

Earlier today, Mark Zuckerberg announced that more than one billion people actively use Facebook. It was a rare chance for the social media giant to celebrate since the company went public in May. Since then, Facebook has been largely subjected to criticism from those who feel bearish about the company’s revenue potential. Some critics also believe the company is nearing its user limits in countries like the United States and Canada.

But an additional 45 million users have signed up since June, Facebook said today. After taking a quick look at data from analytics site Socialbakers, it appears some traditionally strong markets are continuing to post solid growth, while new markets are opening up.

The U.S. continues to lead the pack, posting a net increase of nearly 10.5 million users in the last three months. Another encouraging trend for Facebook is that formerly stubborn markets, like Japan, are continuing to show stunning growth. Japan’s user base has increased more than 50% in the last three months alone and now tops 15.5 million accounts total.

But the real potential for Facebook might lie in emerging markets. The top 10 list features three Southeast Asian countries, all of which boast rapidly expanding middle classes. And while no African nations were in the top 10 for total growth, nineteen of them had user base increases in excess of 20%.

So for the time being, it appears that Facebook has enough headroom to continue growing at a healthy rate. How they leverage these users will be their greatest challenge.