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Federal spending on culture

The amount of money the federal government spends on you for culture seems to depend on where you live. A total of $3.5 billion or $114 per Canadian was spent in fiscal 2004 on cultural activities such as libraries, heritage, broadcasting, arts and film. Almost half of this was broadcasting, footnoted in the original Statistics Canada tables as the CBC. Broadcasting spending works out to over $50 per capita or a little more than an average monthly TV cable bill.
In PEI, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, and the three northern territories, the per capita expenditure is higher than the national average indicating Ottawa thinks you need or deserve more culture. The remaining six provinces all receive less than the national average. The three most western provinces receive less than half the national average. The lowest per capita numbers come from the four western provinces. This makes me want to check out voting patterns in the last few federal elections

Source Statistics Canada 2007 Yearbook * Includes other national organizations & foreign countries