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It's time to get your business on Google Plus

It may be too early to say what your game plan should be, but Facebook-inspired Pages are now available for creation.

My Google+ wall is looking a little less like a barren wasteland this week. There’s at least one identifiable reason for that. Google has launched Pages, which work, well, a whole lot like Facebook Pages, meaning there’s now a place on Plus for companies, organizations, brands and publications. 

It was a long-awaited implementation and a crucial move for Google+, assuming the platform aims to become a social media heavyweight—and it’s probably a safe bet that it does.

According to Bradley Horowitz, vice president for products at Google+, it’s the biggest launch in the 120 days since Plus went up. “I expect brands will notice this and will build marketing plans around it,” he told The New York Times.

Indeed. There’s now another obvious platform through which to grow your e-following, and, presumably, boost your website’s traffic.

Of course, that’s all very obvious—but what’s unique about the audience on Google+? It’s hard to say, but The New York Times wrote on its Google+ page that it observed—not too surprisingly—that Google+ is full of “passionate and smart consumers of technology.”

That could change in the future, given that tech-geek early adopters are always first through the door, but in the meantime it’s a demographic worth keeping in mind when considering what to put on Plus.

But what do Pages mean for Jon and Jane Doe? Well, for your typical user, they mean there’s now a new reason to hit up the old Google+ wall. They mean there’s a new way to consume news, to connect with your favourite businesses, brands and organizations. Will Google+ Pages be preferable to how you already do all this? I guess you’ll just have to follow a few and decide for yourself.   

In fact, you might want to consider starting with us. Being the über-hip publication that we are, Canadian Business already has a Google+ Page, awaiting your various circles and whatnots.