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Perlorian Bros and VW make YouTube sad sacks happy for the Super Bowl

Awkward meadow dancing alert.

As any comments section will tell you, there’s a lot of sad and angry people on the Internet. But thanks to the magic of the web, plenty of that unhappiness has been recorded on video so the rest of us can point and laugh. For its Super Bowl ad this year, Volkswagen enlisted the expertise of Deutsch Los Angeles and Canadian directing duo The Perlorian Brothers to gather up a collection of sad sacks and rage cases whose lowest moments have been immortalized on YouTube, and plop them down in a grassy meadow with reggae legend Jimmy Cliff. Makes total sense.

This isn’t even the full ad, just a teaser to the ad. Yep, this is what the world has come to—we’re watching trailers for commercials now. Some, like Vanderbilt University marketing professor Steven Posavac, think the teasers give advertisers a chance to build up some solid social media buzz before the game. Others say it ruins the surprise and dilutes the very experience that made the Super Bowl such a powerful marketing stage to begin with.

This teaser’s got a lot going on. YouTube clips, Jimmy Cliff singing a Partridge Family song, awkward meadow dancing. It’s got a couple tough acts to follow in VW’s 2011 and 2012 offerings for the big game. It could go either way; Super Bowl gold or million-dollar hot mess. But! Luckily the Perlorians rarely disappoint, and VW CMO Tim Mahoney says the final version could be a lot different, so for now let’s remain cautiously optimistic.