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Review of Rob Carrick’s investing book

Rob Carricks Guide to What’s Good, Bad and Downright Awful in Canadian Investments Todaywas published in early 2010. Somehow I missed giving it a read and doing a review. Lets correct that oversight.
The thing I noticed while reading the book is that it goes down very smooth and easy. I think thatsdue to Carrick’s fluid writing style and theclever structure, where topics are organized under sub-headings and a list-format is used for each topic e.g. Three low cost ways to buy stocks.
Also, the book is more of a practical guide, focused on specific investment products and the particulars of using discount brokers, advisers and gathering information. By the way, Im honoured that one of the five investing blogs recommended in the bookwas this one.
The book would be best for beginning investors, but experienced investors might enjoy it as a refresher and even learn a few things about some of the less traveled corridors of the industry. Some things I relearned or learned anew included: ETF wraps, flaws in principal protected notes and how GIC rates from alternative financial institutions can pay better than bond yields.
Previous reviews include thoseby Wallet Pop, Canadian Capitalist, Money Smarts, Dividend Guyand Million Dollar Journey all giving the thumbs up. They applaudCarricks straight shooting, no-punches-pulled advice, especially concerning some practices of the mutual-fund industry.
It wassuch a pleasure to read that Ijust wish there had been more. For example, I don’t recall any discussion of corporate class mutual funds,currency conversion costsandETF tracking errors (especially for the currency-hedged ones).
Rob Carricks Guide to What’s Good, Bad and Downright Awful in Canadian Investments Today(2010), by Rob Carrick