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Ron Jeremy wants you to drink his rum

Can a porn-star-branded booze really be taken seriously?

Celebrity shilling for booze is nothing new. Kim Kardashian, Lance Armstrong, The Situation and plenty of others up and down the fame spectrum have been snapped up by alcohol brands to pitch their products. One new venture has taken things a step further, literally named for its chosen star.

Ron de Jeremy pitches itself as “the adult rum” (as opposed to, y’know, the pre-schooler rum) and plays on the spirit’s Spanish translation with infamous former porn actor Ron Jeremy. While it’s no bottle shaped like a magic skull, the Panama-distilled hooch boasts a slick package design, looking very Sailor Jerry, sporting a decidedly Che-esque mugshot of Mr. Jeremy.

While the technically launched earlier this year, the brand’s website was a recent top pick on the highly-touted FWA web industry showcase and features Ron himself in interactive Flash video action (No, thank the rum gods, not that kind of action). Looking like the Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man if he let himself go, the porn vet invites you to pick one of three lady bartenders to make one of his three signature drinks: the Ronito, Ronicane or a Ronacolada. Of course, you could take this as far as you want. Why not make a Ron Hawaii? Ron & Stormy? A bushwacker? A Hairy Virgin? OK, too far.

The rum’s parent company is called One Eyed Spirits (wink, wink) and the label boasting a “long, smooth taste” (nudge, nudge) but is cringe-inducing innuendo enough to get people to buy it? Probably not. But bad puns aside, Ron Jeremy has made a post-porn career out of being himself so between the novelty factor and some solid recent reviews for its taste in trend-happy publications like Complex magazine and Vice, The Hedgehog might have more than a quickie cash-grab on his hands.