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The face of real estate

Self promotion is fine, but this real estate agent may have taken it a bit too far.

I have never met Samuel Shing but I feel I know him quite well. Mr. Shing lives a couple of blocks away from me in Toronto, and is a handsome, confident man who you wouldn’t hesitate to put your trust in. He appears to be quite successful in his chosen profession, real estate.

Being a real estate agent, Mr. Shing knows what makes a home sell quickly. Inside, the house must be clean, uncluttered and resonate with the buyer personally. Outside, the trees and lawn must be well-manicured. And hanging on the front of the house must be a gigantic photo of the owner and an ad for his business.

Samuel Shings House

Samuel Shings House

Naturally I know that real estate is a competitive business and that Mr. Shing and the many agents in the city have to promote themselves aggressively. I also know that if you are yourself the product you are selling, you have to make sure as many people as possible see the product.

Mr. Shing has done this admirably and I take his model as an inspiration. This weekend, I will get the ladder out and erect a fine portrait of myself: DON SUTTON, Web Editor, (Will Shovel Your Driveway, Clean Your Eaves) to the delight and admiration of my neighbors.

Thanks, Mr. Shing, for making my neighborhood a more attractive and saleable place to live.