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The most expensive Olympic tickets by event

London's organizers are expecting roughly £600 million in ticket revenues. Track and field will make a big dent.

Watching the Olympics in person is never cheap. Consider London’s opening ceremony, which will be directed by Oscar-winning film director Danny Boyle. The priciest seats cost just over £2,000 apiece—about four times more expensive than Beijing’s priciest seat on opening night. The cheapest entry? £20.12. (Get it?) The events themselves aren’t quite as expensive at the top end. But glamour events like track and field or swimming can get awfully pricey. For instance, the most expensive track and field tickets will set you back £725 per ticket. Those revenues are mostly funneled back to the London 2012 organizing committee, which uses the funds to plan and stage the Games. Organizers expect roughly £600 million to be earned in ticket sales alone.

Below are the 20 most expensive sports to attend, based on average ticket price. The final figure accounts for everything: preliminary rounds, gold medal games, men’s and women’s events, good and bad seats, etc. (Full ticket pricing info can be found here.)