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There's a Vancouver Apple Store employee named, ahem, Sam Sung

You know, like Samsung—Apple's No. 1 competitor.

Update: Sam Sung is, indeed, real. The Huffington Post took a stroll through the Vancouver Apple store in question and spotted a man named Sam. He confirmed that, yes, his last name is Sung. He couldn’t say more because of Apple’s strict media policy, but according to HuffPo, Sung seemed very friendly.

According to The Loop, there’s an Apple Store employee named—I couldn’t make this up—Sam Sung.

You know, like Samsung—Apple’s No. 1 competitor.

Apparently, he’s Canadian too, or at least he works here. Allegedly, Mr. Sung was helping a relative of a guy named Shaun O’Toole in the Pacific Centre Apple Store in Vancouver. O’Toole sent a picture of his business card to The Loop as evidence.


This Storify suggests he had a LinkedIn profile that’s now been taken down. It seems legit, but then again this is the Internet, so who knows.

At any rate, it’s certainly funny (sorry, Sam).

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