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This Heart and Stroke Foundation ad will totally depress you


What will the last 10 years of your life be like? If you’re anything like me you’re picturing long afternoons spent on the yacht or golf course before an evening of perhaps sitting in a bathtub in the yard. But the Heart and Stroke Foundation offers a parallel version of that decade to come, one that echoes the mantra in The Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” And it will totally bum you out.

Created by Toronto agency Lowe Roche, this incredibly effective ad is a natural extension of the foundation’s successful campaigns in years past. It pushes viewers to the new website, where you can take your own risk assessment test and make a donation. Last year’s efforts, featuring the slightly more grim tagline “Make Death Wait,” was a runaway success resulting in 87% awareness and a 20% increase in donations to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Lowe Roche CEO Monica Ruffo told Marketing mag, “The campaign is really about getting people to understand that they can greatly influence their health outcome – it is about making the right choices to reduce your risk factors. It’s about taking action in your life.”

It’s the same scared straight approach to health perfected by those pictures on our cigarette packs. It’s just instead of a gaping mouthful of full-colour cancer, we’re gently reminded to drink less, quit smoking, cut down on salt, exercise more, eat more vegetables and get a check up or we could spend our golden years cold and with wolves after us. So to speak. Now please excuse me, I’ve got some kale to boil.